What Men Dont Like about Women During a Relationship

Is your relationship with your partner hitting the rocks? Is some particular trait of yours which is acting as the catalyst for your relationship turning sour? ‘Men are from mars and women are from Venus’ this saying is years old, but it holds true till date. The relationship of men and women has always been defined by love and hate. They can’t live with each other; neither can live without each other. There are always certain women specific things which men hate terribly. If you are a woman and want to know what men don’t like about women then continue reading:

4 Things Men Don’t Like about Women 

what men dont like about women

Constant Nagging

You ask any man, this would probably be the opening point in their list. Men do possess the habit of forgetting things, and it is indeed fine to remind them about the significant stuff, but doing it on a continuous basis, will surely lead to pain in the relationship. It is never good to make your guy feel as if he is a schoolboy.

Dredging up the past

what men dont like about women
The memory of the female set of the population is usually stronger when it comes to storing the tidbits for millions of years. During the events such as arguments, fights and other anger packed discussions, such incidents become the central topic with a great punctiliousness. Men on the other hand forgive and forget easily and they usually don’t believe in dredging up the old morsels. For them an issue once solved is solved forever, and it becomes quite infuriating when the women of their life, scourge them with the things of the past. Never do that!!

Needing Undivided Attention

Men certainly hate when their partner cribs about attention, no matter how much he pours on her. Women need to understand that men get way too irritated because of this attention factor. Men are men; they need time for themselves, for indulging in their favorite sports and for hanging out with their male friends. It is crucial to provide your men with a breathing space. Ladies, it’s high time, don’t beg for attention, and let him pour that naturally on you.

The ‘ Physical Intimacy’ Issue

what men dont like about women

Physical intimacy is always rejuvenating for both men and women. But a number of surveys hinted that women are often uncomfortable when it comes to the sexuality factor. Guys love to shower their love on their lady love. It is wrong to always perceive their love as a hunger for jumping on the bed. It is just that women are often less expressive and open when it comes to the subject of getting physically intimate. Therefore, often guys handle this responsibility. A woman who is not comfortable getting physically intimate is a major turn off for a guy, and is often seen by him as a sign of ‘no-love’. It’s time to gear up the intimacy dynamics to jazz up the love life.

Understand Men’s Point of View

Women have a lot to contribute when it comes to relationships and hence it is of utmost importance to make sure that they don’t do something that their boyfriends don’t like to appreciate. The above pointers about what men don’t like about women will surely provide a vital understanding about the point of view of your guy and help you rejuvenate your relationship. In case your boyfriend has got a bit too far from you already then you must read about how to get your boyfriend back.

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