Set the Facts Straight-What is an Open Relationship?

What is an Open Relationship

Many of us have pondered over the question- What is an open Relationship? The term open relationship tends to generalize all kinds of relationships outside a conventional monogamous relationship. This involves only two partners who are emotionally as well as sexually intimate  with each other. However, this generalization can lead to faulty understanding of the specific terms and nature of open relationships.

We Ask Ourselves- What is an Open Relationship ?

What is an Open Relationship

An open relationship is an interpersonal relationship in which the parties want to be together but agree to a form of a non-monogamous relationship. This means that relationships outside the conventional monogamy is tolerated, permitted and accepted.

What kinds of open relationships can you choose from?

There can be a variety of open relationships – Multi-partner relationships, Hybrid relationships and Swinging relationships. In the first type of open relationship, three or more partners are involved. In hybrid relationships, only one of the two partners has another relationship but with the consent of all the parties involved. When one or both of the partners indulge in intimacies with other partners occasionally or as a part of social recreation it is known as swinging.

Why should you even Consider an Open Relationship?

What is an Open Relationship

Human relationships are complex. Changes and readjustments of emotions and trust invested may change over time. When the partners live far away from each other for a long time they may consider having a short term open relationship. It helps to prevent the primary relationship from becoming bitter and monotonous. Some people feel that their relationship is inadequate unless they are being challenged. What open relationships do is create a sense of jealousy, attachment, or possessiveness. Open relationships can also be based on convenience where the partners benefit from each other in social or economic terms, instead of emotional and sexual terms.

Can Open Relationships be Successful?

Open relationships are all about acceptance and mutual consent. The key to a successful open relationship, is communication. The plan, objective and limits of the open relationship have to be let known to all the persons concerned. It is best to be honest and come clean to all the members involved in an open relationship because everyone invests a lot of their emotional energies into the relationship. Boundaries, or limits of acceptance, are set up with permission from all the people involved in the open relationship. It is best that everyone involved abides by these consensual rules.

What are the Boundaries of an Open Relationship?

The boundaries in the open relationship will be what you want them to be. It varies from person to person. Some may restrict sexual intimacy while others feel certain emotions are not to be discussed. You may also want to keep some aspects of your life hidden. Unless you are in it, you cannot exactly know what is an open relationship.

What is an Open Relationship according to You?

Open relationships are a relatively new concept which is becoming quite popular in the metro cities and amongst the youth. Have you ever been in such a relationship or would you want to be in one? Share your views with us.

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