Top Sensational Hairstyles for Long Hair

Top sensational hairstyles for long hair

Do you have the habit of strangling with your hair every now and then? Are you among those who love your hair more than anything else? Does a bad hair day ruin your mood? Well, don’t worry, we’ll tell you some stylish and sensational hairstyles for long hair that can help you cope up with a bad hair day. If you have long hair, and you are tired of letting your hair open or half-tying them, we are suggesting some hairstyles that you may find interesting to carry. No wonder, there might be someone falling in love with your hairstyle!

Hairstyles for long hair

You must have seen women opting for the conventional buns as a hairstyle. A messy bun with two or three flowers tugged in as accessories are an elegant and sophisticated way of styling hair. This style is in trend from way back to the 60’s and 70’s and still pretty much in trend. Messy bun hairstyle adds a poise and grace to the attitude of a woman making her different from her fellow mates.

The Stylish Bun

hairstyles for long hair

To make a messy bun with long hair, first you should make sure that the elastics you use must be of high quality and brand with no metallic piece in the elastic, should be only be used for styling up the hair. To get the messy effect the hair is needed to be treated with a heavy base like pomade or mousse. The result that is got when used a heavy product is that the fine hair gets thicken without the hair becoming stiff, this will in fact give the hair a puffy look.

French Twist

top hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is often easily manageable in a French twist hairstyle. A clean, simple, beautiful hair style can be got in the French twist. This hairstyle compliments every dress. Also, women can wear this hairstyle for any occasion be it a casual one or a glamourous one. Even corporate look and attire suits well with the French twist hairstyle.

This style is very simple to do and can easily be done by anyone sitting at home. With the help of a comb all the hair is pulled to the right side from the center of the head, arching the way with the use of simple hair pins. After this, the same technique is applied on the left side of the head overlapping the pins on the right side. Finally, to hide the pins used in the left portion, the whole lot of hair is taken to the center, curled, twisted and tucked neatly.

The Curly

hairstyles for long hair

The next type of hairstyle in the league is the long curly hairstyle. Women who do not have naturally curly hair sometimes get determined to wear a curly hair look. For them getting an artificial curly hair style is the solution. This hairstyle is very easy to make and gives a clean and tidy yet gorgeous look to a woman and transform her look completely.

These curls are made by using commercially available rollers or a device called curling iron. But it has to be borne in mind that these hair curls will only last until the next hair wash. The hair is segmented and at the end of the segmented hair few strands are selected on which the rollers are tied for an hour and half to get the desired curly hair.

Which are your favorite hairstyles for long hair?

Having long hair is a stupendous asset! You must cherish it and make the best out of your hair. Bad hair day or not, you can simply try these unique styles and look more gorgeous than ever! Let us know which are your favorite hairstyles for long hair.

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