Top 5 Beautiful Moms Of Hollywood

Even as the stories of Kim Kardashian feeling sick of sporting that baby flab have gone viral among the Hollywood pages, Hollywood and fashion go hand in hand, even when the fashion divas sport that young mamas look. There is never a moment when the stylish aren’t splashing that dose of glamour, even when they are turning into yummy mummies! We look at the top five fashionable beautiful moms of Hollywood who looked absolutely gorgeous, even with that baby flab. Actually, there is a lot to learn from these stylish moms, even as they were pregnant, style-wise!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer never hid the baby bump, even when she walked the red carpet with Marc Anthony at the charity bash in New York. Boy, she knows how to keep it big. Even as the baby flab was on her, she carried it off with élan. Always sported in capes, tent dresses and empire waist gowns, she made herself as comfortable and as stylish as possible.

Lesson to learn: Maxi dresses are a great way to sport the baby flab and still look stylish. Pairing them with the right accessories would be the cherry on the cake.

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer

This hot mamma is what we call, the bold and the beautiful. When she and her husband Matthew Vaughn were expecting a third child, she was all about the comfortable slacks paired with coolest tops. But that’s not all. She exhibited her confidence of raising her third kid on the cover magazine of Vogue, where she went nude posing as a hot mamma! And to top it, she told Daily Mail that she loves being pregnant and the fact that she can eat whatever she wants.  Seriously, coolest mom ever!

Lesson to learn: Slacks paired up with sweaters and pumps are a great way to stay in style and comfy.

Christina Applegate

claudia schiffer

When we are talking about beautiful moms of Hollywood, then Christina Applegate has to be in the list.  Comfortable leggings with heels or flats, that’s the style of Christina Applegate, who was in her best shape, even with the baby bump being spotted. The subtle colours, topped with quirky accessories were her style mantra. And seriously, who has the guts to do pole dancing with that heavy belly, but Christina Applegate!

Lesson to learn: It is important to understand what your body shape is and to determine the colours that you choose, even when you’re pregnant.

Halle Berry

hot mom

Seriously, what was I doing, bringing her name in the fourth slot where actually she should top the list? Doesn’t matter, because wherever she is, she rocks as a sexy mamma! Her entry at the premiere of ‘The Call’ astonished people who thought that ‘it is unexpected dress for someone who is expecting!’ Moreover, she also exuberated confidence telling that pregnancy has been miraculous and gifted.  No doubt she is one of the most beautiful moms of Hollywood.

Lesson to learn: Style and confidence to flaunt-it-all, she’s the epitome of hot mamma!

Nicole Richie

beautiful mother

This proud daughter of Lionel Richie has played up her shape with formfitting layers and towering Louboutins. But, four-inch heels aside, Richie’s real style secret lies in the fact that she is very happy in the place where she is.

Lesson to learn: As she once said, “I [dislike] the trend to be trendy. You should just dress for yourself and your own personal style.”  Period.

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