SSE Volunteers Forwarded a Helping Hand to Grehound Rescue Fife

What better can you ask for when have so many helping hands working for you. SSE is one such organisation with an approximately 22,000 employees who volunteer themselves out of their work schedule to support a community. Recently the active staff of SSE took a day out to support a dog day care centre, Greyhound rescue fife.



The SSE community volunteering project is called “Community at Heart”. Any organisation, charity centre or group can borrow the ideas, minds, hands or skills of the employees of this voluntary community. Recently some of their employees spent the day with retired greyhounds that are up for adoption at Greyhound Rescue Fife. The sanctuary was set up by Celia and Jimmy Fernie in 2005 to help the unwanted greyhounds reaching the end of their racing careers. Some find it harder to find homes in the journey of life. The Greyhound Rescue Fife is capable of kennelling between 40-50 dogs at a time and re-homes about 100 dogs in a year. Every dog is up for adoption. While staying here the dogs are usually vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas and often neutered. Every year around 30,000 greyhounds need new homes.

About 280 kgs of food is prepared a week to feed these dogs. All measures are taken to ensure a good health of these dogs. The rescue home marks 40 walks a day with these dogs.

The volunteers of SSE spent the entire day at the rescue centre as they helped the dog go on a walk, wash themselves and eat. They played with the dogs and helped the trainers train these amazing animals on earth. As the rescue centre prepare the dogs and make them ready for adoption, the volunteers help the trainers do their job easily. The free helping hands a day made daily chores of the people at rescue fife much easier and happier, said Celia. Some would go on a leave for a day, as we had about 100 volunteers from SSE to spend a day with the dogs, added Celia.

Various small games and activities were also arranged as a side attraction where a bunch of dogs participated playing and competing with each other.

It was a fun filled day as we helped and spent a day with the dogs of various breeds. We analysed each breeds’ habit is different from others, said an anonymous volunteers. The volunteer added that they would love to come back and help the rescue centre if they get a chance to serve them.

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