Hidden Secrets to Spice up a Relationship

How to Spice up a Relationship

Is your relationship teetering on the verge of break up? Are you worried that there’s no fire in the chemistry with your partner and it seems like, you have lost interest in each other and it’s going to be a dead end? Sadly, there arrives a moment in every long-term relationship where the rose-tinted glasses come off. Small things which were considered strange characteristics once may now quickly drive you mad and this is when you need to spice up a relationship.

Tricks to Spice up a Relationship

When truth begins to set in, many relationships get into difficulty. But the good news is that with some persistence and effort every relationship that has wilted and withered can be rejuvenated!! Here are some simple and creative ideas to spice up a relationship.


spice up a relationship

Remembering the Past

Remember how and why you fell in love at the first place. Think about any significant time that the two of you shared. Also think about some tough periods in your life. Remembering the good old times can motivate you to spice up a relationship. Sometimes falling in love again can be as simple as giving yourself a little reminder.

Don’t Stop Dating

Court each other again. Bring back the chocolates, flowers, teasing and dating to bring back the spark in your relationship. Sandwiched between the initial fascination and the enduring commitment, there’s often a dating drought as duos that are together for a long time have a tendency to take one another for granted and usually overlook to appreciate one another.

 Bond in the Bathroom

A bathroom can be a very sensual and intimate space. Wear cute undies while putting on your makeup and chat with him while he shaves. This is one very essential trick to spice up a relationship.

Spice Up your Lovemaking

spice up a relationship

If your lingerie has been collecting dust from a long time then it is the time to spice up your lovemaking. There’s something every couple should do between the sheets to stay connected. Whether it is handcuffs or a very hot make-out session, make it mischievous and playful and you’ll be definitely back on top in a flash.

Keep him Guessing

Surprise him often- whether it is a sexy lingerie, his favorite dessert or a silly card or just flowers. These small gestures can actually leave a big impact

Spend Quality Time with Each Other

spice up a relationship

You can drive into the country, find a grassy hill, and lie with your partner and look up at the clouds or you can just walk along the beach or you can simply organize a picnic on a warm summer’s night. All this can definetly help bring out simple feelings of joy and love,

Alter the Scenery

Even if you’ve observed your partner performing everything from head to toe, it’s essential to view him/her in new state of affairs. By simply granting each other the room to grow and change, you can spice up a relationship in a much better way.

Your secrets to Spice up a Relationship

Flourishing relationships are successful because the two partners work on their relationships every day. Realize that the spark did not go overnight. In the same way it will take some time for the spark to return. What are your secrets to Spice up a Relationship? Let us know!


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