Some Tips to Stay Fashionably Smart at Work!

Going by one of the oldest sayings – “Don’t dress for the job you have; dress for the job you want”, clothes can alter your first impression tremendously. And a lasting impression on the client can get you that deal that everyone is trying for, tilting the scales in your favor when your supervisor announces the appraisal for the year. Hence, it is essential to dress smartly to work whether you want to climb up the corporate ladder or for that confidence boost you can get by looking at the mirror just before your big presentation.

fashion at work

What Kind of Clothes Should you Select?

Pleasant looking professionals tend to catch the eye, which is why you should invest in good quality office wear. Office wear should be selected keeping certain points in mind such as comfort, maintenance free, easy to wash/dry etc. Since office hours can stretch anywhere from six to ten hours, you should make sure that the clothes you pick out for office are comfortable above all other things. Easy to wash, dry and wrinkle free clothes are ideal as they require minimum care and you can get ready for that last minute meeting without having to worry about drying your just-out-of-the-washing-machine shirt for an hour, before you can actually wear it. Besides fashionable, it is of utmost importance that the clothes you pick out are of good quality in terms of fabric, stitching and fitting as poor quality clothes even if they are of latest fashion can seem shabby and unappealing. If your pocket doesn’t allow you to blow up money on expensive clothing, or your workplace requires you to wear a uniform, clean, well ironed and well fitted clothing can take you a long way.

What if Your Job involves Lot of Travelling?

Most of us today, work for multinational firms which may require re-locating to a different city or country, which is why it is of essence for us to be culture sensitive and dress according to what is considered appropriate in one’s office. For example, a dress that may seem appropriate for someone working in the United States may not be so, for someone working in the conservative Middle-East. Even for the very modern West, revealing clothes for office are a big no-no as they are considered distracting and unprofessional. A woman wearing revealing clothes to work may not be taken seriously at her workplace. So how to judge if something is too much for office. Well if there’s anything that you could probably wear to a club or a bar, it should not be a part of your office wardrobe.

Don’t forget to Select Clothes that are in accordance with the work culture of your Office

Along with the above points, you also need to make sure that you wear job appropriate clothing. For example, if you work in hazardous environments, eye gear, gloves, boots etc would be your job appropriate clothing. Similarly, if you work at a fashion magazine, that beige skirt with those yellow pumps maybe appropriate work wear for you,  but for someone from Wall Street going for a business lunch with the chairman of Merrill Lynch, it wouldn’t be considered the best choice.

 So, always make sure you dress appropriately and smartly, because your dressing can reflect a lot more than just your fashion choice.

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