Popular & Effective Skin Treatment for Men

Skin Treatment for Men

For long, the area of skin treatments and procedures was dominated by women. However, over the years, skin clinics have seen an increase in their male client numbers. Men are waking up to the importance of skin care and skin treatment for men, and hence they are shelling out big bucks to achieve that perfect look. Here are five popular skin treatments that men around the world are going in for:

Different Types of Skin Treatment for Men

skin treatment for men


This is essentially a skin rejuvenating procedure. A machine comprising of a suction device is used on the skin with a scrub like crystallized product to remove a few layers of the top skin cells. This encourages fresh cells to be generated to the surface of the skin resulting in a toned, youthful look. This technique removes the very fine wrinkles from your skin and can be performed painlessly on your face, back, hands and feet. There is no downtime associated with microdermabrasion, but you will need several sittings for the completion of the treatment.

Chemical Peeling

This treatment involves applying chemical products like glycolic acid on the face which peel off the layers of dead skin and reduce appearance of fine lines and also improves skin texture and tone. Chemical Peeling causes a burning sensation, and can take about 30 to 60 minutes in one sitting. You can go in for either a light peel or deep peel. Light peels work to refresh your face, while deep peels have a wider function base like increasing collagen production, reduction of hyperpigmentation, wrinkle reduction etcetera. Most men opt for a light peel.

Scar Revision Treatment

skin treatment for men

There are a number of treatments available for those painful, ugly scars. Scars can be made to appear less visible by treatments like corticosteroid injections, silicon sheets, laser resurfacing or dermal fillers to name a few. Scars resulting from burns can be worked upon by using pressure dressings. Most scar treatments help to flatten the scar, encourage collagen production around the scarred area and help to decrease the tightness felt there as well. Factors like age, skin color, skin type and kind of scar affect the treatment and results.

Pigmentation Treatment

Skin pigmentation occurs in men when they step out in the sun wearing aftershave or after using fragrant soaps. It is a condition where patches of skin turn dark, dry and itchy. Normally the condition is superficial, but tends to grow deeper into the dermis layer. Result is a compromised facial appearance. Treatments available for hyperpigmentation range from laser treatment, oxygen therapy, diamond polishing, and medicated creams. Intense hyperpigmentation can be treated easily with laser procedures because they are quick, effective and painless. Freckles and blemishes can be removed with laser technology.

Skin Treatments for Men on the Rise

skin treatment for men

Apart from the above mentioned treatments, procedures like Botox for excessive sweating, laser technique for hair removal and wrinkle treatments are gaining popularity with men all over. Thanks to the increasing importance being laid on appearance both in social and professional circuits, men are leaving no stone unturned to achieve that perfect masculine look.

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