Unknown Facts on Winter Skin Care for Women

We can go on and on about how much we love winters, right? One doesn’t have to face the scorching heat of the sun, and there’s no skin tanning too! But, the skin does get dry during the winters and this becomes the reason why winter skin care for women becomes all the more important! You need to become extra careful about your skin during winters to retain that wonderful glow on your face and body.

Unknown Facts on Winter Skin Care for Women

skin care for women


This is the most basic part of your beauty regime and the most essential if we are talking about the winter season. Be it creams, lotions or body oils, whatever makes your skin glow with hydration, but either one is a must!

Forget the Soap

Well it doesn’t mean you skip the shower all together. But use oil/cream based soaps; the regular soap causes dry skin whose effect is aggravated during the winter season. Cream based soaps prevent the skin from drying out completely, leaving it soft and tender post shower and not dry and stretched unlike regular soaps.

Kissable Lips

skin care for women

Chapped lips can be a big turn-off, so make sure to keep your lips also hydrated at all times. A beeswax lip balm or a petroleum jelly in the winters can help in keeping the dryness at bay. Lips being one of the sensitive parts of your body call for special attention and hence an SPF based lip balm could serve as your lip’s best friend this winter season.


Air conditioned environments or stand alone Heaters may seem like a bliss during the chill, but are actually quite the devils when it comes to your skin causing dryness and dullness of skin making it flaky and unappealing. Hence a humidifier is a must when it comes to skin care for women during winters.

Hot Shower

Just the idea of a hot shower on a cold winter morning can make it a good morning but your skin feels otherwise. Hot water showers also cause dryness of skin and scalp. As a solution, switch to lukewarm water and make your skin smile as well.

Magic Water

skin care for women

No, it is not a special solution that I’m talking about, just plain simple regular water, and lots of it. It is the age old golden secret to plump and healthy skin. This winter make sure there is water, water everywhere and every single drop to drink! Innumerable attempts to hydrate your skin externally cannot match up to this simple solution.

Dry Scalp

Dry Scalp in Winter

Scalp is also an integral part of your skin and faces the blunt of the dry season, reacting with dandruff and hair fall. Make sure to oil your hair and adopt a healthy lifestyle, along with a good quality anti dandruff shampoo to have a healthy scalp.

Your Tips on Winter Skin Care for Women

Winters definitely suck the moisture out of the skin, and it becomes hard to retain that glow. But, with these tips you can have a glowing, supple skin that everyone would fall in love with. Let us know all your secret winter skin care tips as well!


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