Short Hairstyles For Mature Women

Mature women are often plagued with problems of hair fall and thinning hair. To give an illusion of volume, many women prefer to switch to shorter dos to preserve the look of youth every woman desires. After all, hair is a woman’s pride. Switching to shorter hair may not be a compulsion, but a choice. To help in choosing short hairstyles for mature women, we’ve compiled a small list of hairstyles to choose from.

Side Flicked Layers

Short layers starting from the very crown of the head, when swept back with a little hairspray can do miracles to your hair. This can be paired with straight bangs or side swept fringes. But, what we like best is the side flick with this hairdo. In our opinion, this is one of the most elegant and classy short hairstyles for mature women.

Short Pixie

Pixie cuts look great on women of any age. The best part of sporting a pixie is the hassle free maintenance regime to be followed. Straight, wavy and curly hair look equally good sporting pixie haircuts. Mature women look nothing short of fabulous sporting pixie hairdos with confidence and finesse. We marvel at the wonders of short hair!

Chin Length Bob


Bob cuts are ideal for mature women, but the chin length bob seems to stand out among all others. This face framing short bob adds a sophisticated feel to any sort of dressing. Whether with short dresses, gowns, trousers or skirts – the chin length bob can add the pinch of oomph that every woman loves displaying.

Though it may sound like a major hassle, finding short hairstyles for mature women is a piece of cake! For all you women out there, go out and find the short hairstyle that’s right for you!

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