Beauty Tips from Expert Shahnaz Husain

Shahnaz Husain is a renowned name in the field of beauty and care. She has introduced a plethora of natural as well as herbal medication methods for beautification.  Shahnaz Husain’s beauty tips have become very prominent throughout India as well as across the globe. This article will shed light on some of her beauty tips which can edge out other beauty products in the market.

Shahnaz Husain

Shahnaz Husain’s hair care tips

According to the quality of hair and the environmental condition, the hair should be washed. People having oily hair should try washing their hair at least thrice a week. For dry haired people washing hair twice a week will suffice, but it is advised not to wash every time with shampoo as this product erodes the natural element of the hair.

A teaspoon of warm coconut oil along with castor oil should be applied and wrapped by towel/shower cap. Keep it overnight. This is a natural way to treat dull hair and give it a sparkling shine.

Placing warm coconut oil for overnight and applying lemon juice just after half an hour before shower will cure dandruff.

Shahnaz Husain’s tips to cure pimple

Pimple is a very common sign for the youths. However, improper digestion can also cause pimple at any age. Shahnaz Husain beauty tips will help you to fight against pimple.

Oily skins usually reflect pimples more. Wash your face with medicated soaps and apply rose water at least 2-3 times a day to check pimples.

Avoid using multani mitti and besan on face during such period. Rather mix turmeric with curd to apply on face. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes.

Combination of sandalwood and rose water or glycerine and rose water can be used to cure pimples. To lighten the pimple spots, lemon juice can be applied.

Shahnaz Husain tips for beautiful skin:

A pinch of turmeric mixed with yogurt applied on face every day keeps the skin fresh and healthy. The yogurt makes the skin soft and removes the tan.

Neem is known as an anti bacterial agent, which when mixed with sandalwood and applied daily reduces the risk of pimples and gives a wonderful complexion.

Combination of milk, lemon juice and cucumber juice in a ratio 1:2:2 when applied on face brings a bright complexion.

For those suffering from dry skin can clean their skin using 10 drops of sunflower oil and 3 drops of raw milk using cotton balls.

Oily skinned people can use a mixture of curd and two table spoon of tomato juice to shed excess oil.

People having normal dry skin can prepare the face pack with wheat bran powder, curd, honey, olive oil and orange juice to apply on face to regain a natural texture of skin.

Dark circles are a blunder on the beauty of your face. Remove dark circles by massaging sweet almond oil gently.

Beside all these, Shahnaz Husainbeauty tips on various facials like diamond facial, gold facial, pearl facial have a wonderful effect on beautification of every individual.

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