Top 5 Rules for Living In

Are you feeling the pinch in your life? Do you feel you are controlled and succumb to the wish of others? Then here a few major signs which indicate that you are not in control of things. The first thing is that you are not satisfied with your job and you are doing so as if someone pressurized you to do in the first place. Secondly money is not the motivating factor for you and one is not in control of their priorities in life. In this regard your first and foremost duty is to yourself and one cannot repair the world when they are miserable with themselves. Some of the golden rules for living in and enjoying life to the fullest are depicted below.

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Never let anyone dictate the terms of your life

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Your parents, wife, kid’s can all give you inputs but the final decision has to be yours. This could be in the field of relations, career or anything and you have to be the ultimate judge. This rule is all the more important when one is swayed by doubts and never let this factor become the point of exploitation by others. Do not take a passive approach and people decide things for you

Rule money and do not let money rule you in any way

In this regard one can focus on reducing comforts and lead a meaningful life. To live paycheck to paycheck is the right option and one must be able to reduce expenditures as and when the situation demands. Financial freedom in short does not mean that you can do whatever you want and money should not be used as a term of distraction

Be in control of your thinking

Rules for living in

Have your own set of beliefs in life and never outsource your thinking. There might be lot of undigested thoughts floating in your mind and you need to bypass them. Develop a reasoning process where the positive thoughts tend to filter down.

Adequate training mechanisms

This is a fact of life that anything you lack in life can be trained. If someone says you lack the talent, intelligence or strength to do something ignore them. Begin with the idea that you have a solid set of beliefs and there is nothing not achievable in the world.

Be in the first in relationships

Being in control of relationships and be the first person to express your views. Enjoy the relationship, but see to the fact that it does not become the major purpose in your life. There should be a purpose and direction towards leading your life and one must ensure it before they enter any relationship. The surprising fact in this regard is that if one adopts such a stance the personal as well as professional relationships tend to be all the more merrier as there is less chance of any breakdowns in relationships. Perhaps the jealously factor is reduced to a drastic level of sorts.

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