The Naughty Secrets to a Successful Romance in Office

How to have a Successful Romance in Office

So, you have a soft corner for the girl who sits across your desk in the office? Are you afraid of having a romance in office? Afraid of what colleagues will say? Well, there are indeed a lot of complications involved in having romance in office. There are a lot of people who keep an eye on you and lot of people who would be jealous. But as we all know, love never knocks before coming; it just opens the door of your heart and occupies all the space inside!

Having Romance in Office

romance in office

Be it with the girl next door, or the girl on the next desk! Well, we know there are a lot of risks and problems that one could face when they decide to go in for an office love affair. It’s risky, but don’t fret; we’ll give you some amazing tips and tricks to have a successful romance in office love affair.

Take it Slow, Chap!

work place romance


The first golden rule is to take it slowly. You need to contemplate the situation and come up with a decision whether or not you really want to date the girl/guy in your office. Well, don’t get carried away by the cute dimple on her cheek or the way her hair falls on her face. Take your time, talk to her, try to understand the person and then decide if you really want to take it ahead or not. You can simply ask them out for dinner after office or maybe some late night calls might serve the purpose too.

Be Ready for the Grins, Giggles, Gossips and Jealousy!

romance in office

Well, two people are into each other and people don’t gossip; is it possible? NO! However hard you try to hide the blossoming romance between you and your colleague, people will get to know. Be ready to accept the giggles, gossips, smiles and broken hearts, of course! There’ll be a gang of girls who will be interested in your relationship more than you are (there might be a bunch of such guys, too). Then, there will be the guy/girl who was having a crush on the girl/guy you are dating and will be envious of the relationship.

Beware of the Boss!

First of all, it’s strictly unadvised to date your supervisor/boss! If you date your supervisor, high chances are that you’ll end up losing your job and carrying that “I was used” tag! You never know when or where somebody could take the grudges out at the expense of your career. And if you are dating somebody who’s at the same designation as yours, be really careful to not to let your boss know about it.

What do you Think of Romance in Office?

Well, office romance is not that easy a task, you have to be really careful about the people around you, and also about your relationship. In the early days, you would simply love the fact that he/she is all over the place, you get to see their face every day, talk and exchange sweet messages. However, as time passes, you might get bored of looking at the same face everyday and crave for some space. Let us know your views!

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