God Tell me When Am I Ready to Get Married

God Tell me When Am I Ready to Get Married

How will you know whether you are ready to get married or not? It is necessary to take into account several factors that influence a marriage. Most important of them all would be – are you ready to get married? Is the one chosen by you to be your life-partner actually the “one”? For these and more, go through the tips given by us here.

Are you Ready to Get Married?

ready to get married
Always, keep in mind one fact, the person that you marry isn’t replaceable, once you get married you have to accept him/her in their totality, which includes their good as well as their bad. So its better to answer these questions so that you know whether you are ready to get married.

Best Friend can be your Life Partner

ready to get married

This is one of the most unusual, yet one of the most important factors. You will never realize this fact, but often the best friend you have of opposite sex, is the person you will be compatible with the most. Considering the fact that you two know each other inside out, it is always a safe option to make your best friend, your life partner.

Ability to Give your Precious Time to your Spouse

This is one of the most important factors, lack of which is the prime-reason for most of the break-ups in the recent times. Young professionals, who seldom have spare time for their partner these days, are the prime sufferers of this syndrome. So, before marriage, you should make a conscious decision regarding whether you will be able to give some of your personal time to your partner.

Sacrifice your Desires for your Spouse

Sometimes, in the course of your marriage, a time may come when you may have to give up some of your desires and wishes for the sake of happiness of your partner. You should be able to accept that before the marriage itself, and adjust yourself according to that.

If possible, Live Together for Some Time before Marriage

This is a bit unusual one, but effective one at that and has been proven many times so. It is good to get to know the person you will be living with for the rest of your lives, firsthand by living together for sometime before marriage. It’s just like testing the waters before actually plunging into it headfirst.

Know your Partner Well, including their Habits

You should ask your partner about his or her habits, and know them thoroughly before marriage. This in turn, will increase the cohesiveness of your marriage, which will result in a good long term relationship. This will also increase the longevity of your relationship.

Keep a Well Planned Future

Plan your marital future well in advance. Keep a good watch over your finances over the next few years, investments after marriage and family-planning.

Can you be a Pillar of Strength?

It sometimes may happen that, you are needed by your partner to be a source of strength- both emotionally, and physically. So, you should be up for that challenge.

Ability to Forgive and Forget

ready to get married
This little but important tip can be the saving point for many marriages. You should be able to forgive and forget the little things of your partner that you may not like. It will go a long way in cementing your relationship.

Decide about how much Togetherness you Want

Togetherness or proximity in marriage can have various degrees. You should decide at the onset itself, how much of this you want. Both, too much or too little of this can have disastrous consequences in your married life. It’s best to discuss in length with your partner, the amount of togetherness you want after marriage.

You are Ready to Get Married!

Now that you have sorted out the answers to the questions, I am sure that you are ready to get married. Remember that marriages may be made in heaven but all the planning has to be done on Earth!

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