Pregnancy Care: How to take care while being pregnant

Having a child is the biggest decisions that is taken in a married life. It is a decision which includes a lot of understanding. It is a sign that the spouses are ready to take up the responsibility of another life. They need to first understand the fact that whether if they are actually ready to bring a new life in the world. Once this decision is taken care off then comes the next important step that is how to take care while being pregnant.

Pregnancy Care is a Must

how to take care while being pregnant

Prenatal care is important for ensuring the health of the newly born baby and the mother. It becomes necessary to get in touch with a doctor as soon as one gets to know that she is pregnant. The doctor then asks for the patient’s medical history. Every doctor visit would include a regular check of the weight and the blood pressure. Blood test and urine test are also taken from time to time visit to the doctor’s place. Urine test helps in finding out if whether there is any bacteria. Blood test helps in determining the sugar levels.

Check Your Weight and Diet

Weight is another thing that one must focus on. One must consult their doctor about how much weight should they gain during pregnancy. Dairy foods should be taken on a daily basis. Fruits and vegetables should be properly cleaned before consumption. One should also avoid having more than 2 cups of coffee in a day. Supplements like vitamins should be taken by recommendation of a doctor only. Medicines other than supplements must also be checked out by a doctor before consumption as intake of certain medicine leads to birth defects.

Regular Exercise

how to take care while being pregnant

Exercise on a regular basis is advisable. One must try to do either walking or swimming. Doing exercises actually eases up the delivery and labor process. One must not get dehydrated and must take a lot of water during pregnancy. One can even do cycling if they have no issue in balancing one. One can even try yoga as it is a perfect stress buster and is good for the complete body. Pelvic floor exercises are also very useful.

Complications & Solutions

There are several other complications related to pregnancy that one must be aware of to tackle them.

  • Nausea or vomiting: One should eat small meals instead of having all in one go. Oily food is also to be avoided.
  • Urinating more than normal: During pregnancy one would feel an urge to go to the restroom more often as the growing baby puts pressure on the bladder.
  • Mood swing: During pregnancy a woman goes through several hormonal changes. One should consult a doctor is she feels a lot depressed.
  • Stretch marks: Red marks start appearing on the skin. One must try to use a moisturizer to help reduce itchiness of the skin.

What Not to Do while Pregnant

  • The most important things that are to be avoided during pregnancy includes smoking, drinking and taking any sort of drugs.
  • Avoid using hot tubs and sauna as it increases the chances of getting a miscarriage or even birth defects.
  • Stress is the most important thing that is to be avoided. Stress can lead to several health issues in pregnant women.

Your tips for  Pregnancy Care

Are you also among the millions of proud mothers? Let us know what tips you followed to take care of your little bundles of joy!


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