One Direction: Skype Scavenger Hunt with Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel’s Scavenger hunt is taking people by throngs for its unique concept and execution. He is the host and executive co-producer of the show. The show is in its tenth season and is entertainment on the roll. It sees many famous personalities and celebrities from across the globe fight each other to win in the small games that have them running in excitement and sheer fun.

The video sees the two teams, up against each other in this video of scavenger hunt. The people on the show made the members of the Boy Band champions split into two teams and had them competing to win. The teams made were with Harry Liam and Zayn on one side and the other team was of Louis and Niall. Jimmy had them running with tasks that were equal portion funny and amusing.

Skype Scavenger Hunt with Jimmy Kimmel!

First, he sent them scurrying looking for toothpastes and make a moustache and then they made them do funny American accents on the show.  Harry Lian and Zayn won the accent part with their copying of the accent of a surfer. What is amusing is that the two teams were placed in different dressing rooms and the inquisitiveness to see the other team’s effort and update on the task was quite evident.

The teams had taken the task to win pretty seriously.  The show and the video is going viral with more and more people tuning in to see the famous fight up against each other and compete to win Jimmy’s heart.  The show had an amazing moment when harry simply took off his pants in the last bit of the show and had everyone laughing. The band is also promoting its documentary the “This is US 1D 3D”.

While the shows see famous celebs pit against each other, it also adds to their fun factor and humane side that audiences get to connect with. People enjoy themselves as they watch the celebs go crazy and innovative to win the game and the heart’s of their viewers. Also, not to forget Jimmy’s great hosting skills that keep everyone entertained throughout, start to the end.

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