Guy Tips: Effective Male Hair Loss Treatments

Effective Male Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss not only affects your scalp but your entire body as well. Quiet a lot of factors could be attributed to hair loss like heredity or as a result of any medical condition. Hair loss is a phenomenon which can affect any individuals at any point of time. Be it men, women as well as children everyone is prone to it at some point of time. Some men resort to trendy hairstyles to cover it while others resort to some sort of surgical procedures to cover up the loss of hair. A look at some of the male hair loss treatments which can be classified into medications as well as surgical treatments

Medications for Male Hair Loss Treatments

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This happens to be the first drug approved by the FDA. Research points to the fact that when people were taking medication for this drug, it was observed that hair growth emerged in various areas. If it is applied on the bald areas there is a strong possibility that hair growth may result, but it can be conferred that it is revolutionary concept. In terms of figures minoxidil is found to be effective in 25 % of the men who have baldness in the crown. It comes in the forms of solid as well as liquid and should be used twice in a day and the growth of the hair occurs as long as it is used.


In medical terms is also referred to as Proscar or Propecia has been prescribed by the doctors to stop the hair loss process as well as reduce the balding process. The medicine normally takes about three months to show the desired results, and the hair loss may recur after one year of taking the medicine. On the negative tone of things certain drawbacks in the form of impotence as well as ejaculation disorders may be found as well

Surgical Procedures for Male Hair Loss Treatments

Hair transplants

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This is a procedure where the hair from the back or side of the scalps are taken and planted into the bald areas. This is one of the most effective methods of male hair treatments and the procedures have improved over the years. Though it must be stated that  it takes a number of years to show the desired results

Tissue expansion

This is a procedure in which tiny balloons are inserted under the scalps of the hair and time evolves they are gradually deflated as well. In the overall context the area of the hair increases by alteast one third percent  which is then removed by surgery and then the adjacent sides of the hair are pulled to the top of the hair.

Our Tip for Male Hair Loss Treatments

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If things could be put in right perspective an individual should understand on how to opt for the above forms of treatments as well as the side effects of it. If all the treatments do not avail the desired results, then one can opt for a wig as well. They come in different shapes as well as sizes!

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