Long Cool hairstyles for Round Faces

Sometimes it can get a bit difficult to style a round face because of the limited options available in updo and haircut but here are some cool hairstyles for round faces for women having long hair. Long hair always looks stylish so with the help of these hairstyles for round faces, you must bring out the length of your face.

Wavy hairstyles for round faces

Waves are hot, they have always been and they will always be. Don’t hide your round face in a bun or a pony tail. Get your hair iron out and create these subtle waves for a glamorous look.

wavy hairstyle

A little side fringe and the beautiful luscious waves is all that you need to look pretty and compliment your round face.


Color your hair and flaunt your thick waves. If you have natural waves you just need to have a hair dryer, if not get a piece of tongs to create this waves.


Straight Hairstyles for round faces

Short Bob is a very cool way of highlight your facial features and we are sure you have a great smile, so flaunt it.

short hairstyles

Poker Straight hair like Mila Kunis is another way of highlighting your facial features and they look very glamorous and neat too.

straight hair design

Add a short fringe to your hair because the fringe is the latest trend this season and you certainly don’t want to miss out on the latest trend.

short fringe hair

There are plenty of hairstyles for round faces for all kind of hair, long, short, straight and wavy; all you need is the correct stylist who can help you with the best haircut.

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