The Latest Hair Trends for the Second Quarter of 2016

Latest Hair Trends to turn Heads

If you are born a woman your hair becomes your true asset and styling your hobby. You will get your hair permed for a certain party and cut short for the next. You just love playing with your hair and following latest trends in women fashion magazines becomes a habit. Models walk the ramp; actresses walk the red carpet to get these styles to you. Well so here are some latest hair trends for the last quarter of 2012 that you can try out.

Dual Highlights Topping the Latest Hair Trends Chart

latest hair trends

Dual highlights are in with your ends being coloured in ombre and the hair framing your face being highlighted with bright colours. This year the trend of dual highlights is pacing up like anything and all across people are all set to style their hair with this highlight.

Uniform Waves for those with Wavy Curls

Uniformed waves are also among the latest trends in hairstyle in the wavy range. The trend has a uniform and polished look with a flatter look that makes it appear less curly. This is very much preferred for those who have a thin figure and normally sport casual wear and tees.

The Dashing Faux Bob

latest hair trends

Faux bob along with a side bun makes you look trendier than ever.          A trend in hairstyle that is making creative directors and alike going gaga over it; this trend is definitely going to be a super hit. So all you girls who want to try some new style for the party tonight this is definitely the one you should hit the floor with.

 The Party Look

More like a bridal or formal party look the braided updo trend is catching in fast too. So braids are in again with a new look and have become quiet popular. So you can never say that braids will go away!

The Layered Bob

latest trends in hair

Pixie bob look gives volume to your hair and certain trendy look. But the new look is somewhere between the pixie bob and long bobs where you get the volume, decent looks and you are still having a good quantity of hair. Layered bob makes it to the list of latest hair trends and undoubtedly it is a style that you can be excited about and can try with long/short hair.

Add More to the Latest Hair Trends List

Deep conditioning to repair damaged hairs and one day colors are also in the latest trends in hairstyle list. So hit the salons and get your hair styled into anyone of these and fall in love with your trendy look. If you have long hair, then you might want to look at these amazing hairstyles for long hair. Do send us your ideas and photos of cool hairstyles!

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