Ways to Get Rid of that Nagging Girlfriend

How to Get Rid of a Nagging Girlfriend

Girl friends, now I am sure we all want them. But the problem starts when they start nagging you about every tiny thing and start poking their nose into all things possible. That is when we should try to or possibly get rid of that nagging girlfriend. Below are some ways which will tell you how to get rid of girlfriend:

How to Get Rid of Girlfriend

how to get rid of girlfriend

Paying back in the same coin is the most effective weapon against a nagging girl friend. By this I mean you should start nagging back and that would either change her and you would live together happily ever after or you would get rid of her for good.

Pay More Attention to Work

Spending more time at work and less time with her is another quite effective way. Once you start spending more time at work it will slowly but surely make her understand that you do not like spending time with her anymore and thus will help you get rid of her.

Go Out for Boy’s Night

how to get rid of girlfriend

Start spending more time with your male friends. Having more boys’ night out is as it is loved by all men. This will again make her realise that you are doing this on purpose and want to get rid of her.

Don’t take her out for Shopping

how to get rid of girlfriend

Stop taking her out on her shopping expeditions and show to her that you are broke. Trust me no girl likes to hang out with a boy who doesn’t like spending money on her. No matter what they say, they love being around guys who have money to spend on them and their shopping trips. Once she knows that you do not have any more money to spend on her, she will automatically chose to get out of your life.

Show your Evil Side

Become bad towards her. What I mean here is that stop doing things the way she wants or likes. Start doing them in just the opposite way and make her feel irritated and pissed off with you. Another great way to get rid of girlfriend friend is by comparing her with your mom. Girls abhor this. They do not like when their boy friends start comparing their actions with how his mom would have behaved or acted in such a situation.

Your turn to Act Greedy

Act greedy with her and ask her to buy you every other thing that you like when she takes you out on the next shopping trip of hers. Black mail her to buy you all those by telling her to do so, if she loves you. She would run away from the shopping mall and from your life at the very instant.

Last Step on How to Get Rid of Girlfriend

When all else fails, being straight forward works. If nothing works on her, then put it dead pan that you want to break up and want to go your separate ways. To conclude, we can say that though there are no written rules on how to get rid of girlfriend but still trying one of the above methods would definitely put you in the right spot.

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