How to Get Glowing Skin in 15 Days

Everyone wants a beautiful, glowing skin. But as you know, we all live quite hectic schedules and hence it is not possible for all of us to follow a perfect beauty regime, therefore we all try to find shortcuts. And if you are also one of them then here are some simple tricks to get a glowing skin in 15 days.

get glowing skin

Avoid Long Hot, Steamy Showers

Instead of going for long steamy showers you should go for cooler sprays as the hot steamy shower will strip the natural oil barrier that your skin needs to trap the moisture in order to keep your skin silky, smooth and soft.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel Daily

Aloe Vera gel helps to keep your skin younger looking. It acts as great moisturizer and it is also very good for treating acne. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel before going to bed for spotless, younger looking and glowing skin in 15 days.

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Drink Papaya Juice Daily

Papaya is a rich source of vitamin A and ‘Papain’ in papaya is very helpful in removing dead skin cells. It helps in removing dark spots and blemishes as well. Therefore is really good to have a glass of fresh papaya juice to get a glowing skin in just 15 days.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Bedtime is your body’s tie to renew and mend you skin. Therefore a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep is very necessary to rebalance and restore your skin because while you slumber new skin cells are formed. Therefore sink into bed if you want healthy younger looking skin.

Reduce Sun Exposure

When you spend a lot of time outdoors during peak hours without any sun protection your skin looks dull and older. So never forget to wear a sunscreen before you step out in the sun. If you already have tanned skin then you can try various homemade anti-tan packs.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water is timeless trick for getting a glowing skin. Having plenty of water can remove fine lines, dryness and roughness from skin. Therefore it is very necessary to have at least 8 glasses of purified water daily to keep your skin smooth and silky.

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Exfoliate Everyday

The way, moisturizing and cleansing are essential for maintaining good looking and glowing skin, in the same way exfoliating you skin with help of a loofah while bathing is also very essential; if you want to bring scaly and dry skin under control by removing dead skin cells.

Take Multivitamins Daily

Vitamins are very important and essential for a healthy body and so they are for a glowing skin. You can get these vitamins by eating healthy or by taking daily supplements. Supplements can give you a blemish free skin and can heal your skin.

Last but not the least glowing skin can only be achieved by commitment and proper maintenance. But by following the above mentioned tricks you can definitely achieve short term goals.

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