How to Buzz off your ex from your life!?

  How to Forget your Ex Boyfriend

Do you feel like saying “I hate you like I love you” to any one? Yes, it’s a song – but I wish it was just a song. It is a feeling to which everyone can relate, at least in case of your ex. You wish that you could hate them; in fact you tell yourself each day that you hate them. But, you love them – with all the broken pieces. You know they left you revolving around the cobwebs of hope and anxiety; still there is a part of you that yearns to talk to them. There was a time when you were sick of calling them, texting them and showering all the care and love over them, but they didn’t give a damn. It was a game they played, very carefully, tactfully. They were the puppeteers and you were the puppet. But why does your heart skip a beat when someone talks about them? Why do you sit at night, thinking about them – with tears on your cheeks? Do they give a damn? The answer is NO! They don’t! Even if they do, you don’t need to give a damn! Let us see how to forget your ex boyfriend.

Forgetting your Ex Boyfriend

forget your ex boyfriend

Well, forgetting your ex is as important as to breathe. Why do you want to stick to the memories if there is no meaning to them now? Well, let’s discuss how you can let go of the oh-so-stingy memories of the past.

The First Tip on how to forget your ex – Get a makeover dude!

So, how many times did you feel inferior when he used to flirt with other girls or praise them? Well, most of you girls out there will say – Hell! Most of the times!! So the first step to get over him is to get a makeover! Hit the salon, get a new haircut, new wardrobe, put on some makeup and walk like you are ready to take over the world. It will not only enhance your confidence, but it could also make him regret his decision when he looks at you and the number of guys wooing you.

Delete Evidence!

Delete facebook chats, gmail chats, whatsapp history, message history and every other evidence of the fact that they ever existed! If you can’t do it, tell your friends to do the honors. They will be more than happy to help! At least you won’t be able to re-read those conversations and wish to get those days back!

Work Harder than Ever!

So, you were too busy talking to him when everyone else in your office was chasing the targets? Well, now it’s time to show them what you got! Concentrate on your work, more than you have ever done! Surprise everyone by your performance (you can even make them envious) and who knows, you might get a promotion soon! Well, that’s called check-mate! Two purposes are solved – you forget your ex and you excel at work!

How Could You Forget Shopping?

How to forget your boyfriend

Since now you have got a raise, it’s time to hit the shopping mall! Fix a date with your girl friends and get going on a shopping spree! Buy whatever you like, or some window shopping might also do wonders to your mood! It isn’t easy to forget somebody with whom you shared the best (and worst) moments of your life. But, you need to get over him after you know that it can’t be a part of your life anymore. So, smile like never before, let go of the memories, head up and walk like you are here to rule! P.S : Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess. Why don’t you treat yourself like one?

How would you forget your ex?

Advices given and taken- we would like to know how you would forget your ex boyfriend. Will you over indulge yourself in work or just go for a new arm candy ?

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