Pre-Break up Advice-Pulling the Plug

How to Break Up without Feeling Guilty

It will be foolish of you to end a serious relationship without justifying the breaking up to yourself, before you can do that to anyone else. Hence, before you decide how to break up, you must know why you want to break up.

How to Break Up: The Amateur’s Guide

how to break up

Take Time and Evaluate

 You must give yourself enough time so that you can evaluate the relationship you share with your partner. Remember that if it is a petty issue, say a little habit of your partner’s that is bothering you, you must give the relationship a second thought and settle yourself on resolving things and getting them back into place rather that rushing yourself into thinking how to break up. If the betrayal or the dissatisfaction remains unchanged, if your partner is least bothered about your needs and wishes, if you continue to get hurt repeatedly in spite of your constant efforts towards the relationship, breaking up might just be the best option to get yourself back to  leading a stable life. 

How do You go about it?

how to break up

Once you have decided to walk out of your commitment, you must know exactly how to break up, so that it is easy for you as well as your partner. The most difficult part is undoubtedly facing your partner. A very expected response from the partner would be that he or she would like to know the reasons for you wanting yourself out, which is fair enough. While stating the reasons for the break up, make sure that you do not point out the flaws in your partner. Instead you must put forward the limitations of the relationship and how you feel that despite repeated efforts it fails to work out.

A Calm Approach

The approach towards the break up must be a very calm one. You must not lose your mind or your patience and suddenly declare that you want to break up. You must give the other person enough time to absorb what he/she has just heard. You must deal with your partner delicately and make him/her understand why you have taken the decision.

The Face-Off

how to break up

Anyone would want to know how to break up without going through all the mental turmoil. You can break up with your partner either over the phone, or may be drop in a letter, an e-mail, a break up sms, or just go up to your partner and say what you feel on their face. Another way out, which apparently appears to be the easiest, is when you choose to vanish, usually by snapping contacts with your partner all of a sudden. To end a relationship a proper closure is essential, or it might lead to a psychological damage.

Your Views on How to Break Up

We have shared our views on how to break up. Do share your views on what you think is the best way on how to break up.

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