Attract Girls without Talking to Them

How to Attract Girls without Talking

The manner in which a person carries himself is in a way, a mirror that clearly reflects the charisma as well as attitude of that person, and the person who masters this act surely knows well how to attract girls using body language. This is something that has been bothering people as there is a certain scarcity in the confidence level of men nowadays.

How to Attract Girls without Talking

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Many men fall under the impression that dressing up in a stylish manner with accessories brewing out from every corner of the body is bound to embark an impression on girls. But reality is totally the reciprocal of this notion. The prime quality that women primarily look out for is the originality that the person of opposite sex is maintaining.

Don’t give attention

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At times, we think that women tend to act as attention-seekers. This might be true to some considerable extent. A man should know well how to attract a girl without talking. If the girl is trying to win your attention, and then make sure you do not give her the sufficient attention that she is trying to snatch from you. Best will be to give her one or two brief glances and then indulge in some other work. Girls tend to get petrified and embarrassed to some extent and in such cases, they try even harder to gain the attention of the guy. Guys should definitely know how to attract girls using body language as this is something that makes the person even more lively and comfortable interacting with other sexes.

Use your body language

Well a very strange but true fact is that you can use your body language to attract girls. Body language basically means the style of walking, interacting with someone, maintaining eye-contact, etc. There are some core points that a male should definitely ponder over in case he wants to learn how to use body language to attract girls. He should know how to act to attract girls without making a mockery of himself in front of her and the people nearby.

Make eye contact

how to attract girls

The best way to attract a girl is to maintain a steady eye-contact for a while without exposing any signs of helplessness or desperation. Any sign of desperation might drain out all the chances of winning the girl’s attention.

Walk smartly

There are men who tend to alter their walking styles and become Elvis Presley in front of girls. This is where the man makes a derision or ridicule and becomes a laughing stock eventually, and is earmarked as a person who has no idea of how to attract girls using body language. There should be a normal walking style without any sign of flaunt, and the person should be dressed well with a decent hairstyle as decency is something that girls find appealing. Fake smiles also tend to play spoilsport for men so these are to be strictly avoided. The smile has to be perfectly natural with a clean show of teeth.

Now you know how to attract girls using body language 

Now that you have read the article, you know the secrets of how to attract girls without even talking to them! Do you think you are too shy and geeky to take it to the next level? Just read How Geeks can make Hot Girlfriends. Game on!

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