How Profitable is Wedding Planning Business in India?

In a country like India, marriage has been viewed as one of the most auspicious events in the lives of both the bride as well as the bridegroom. Furthermore, weddings are not just about bringing two lives together. It is also a culmination between two diverse families. In the good old days, people use to settle for traditional marriage practices with heavy focus of the expenses incurred. Marriage was seen as a divine event, which marked the presence of only certain select close family members and friends. The only major outflow was with regards to the food and beverages offered. However, times are changing now. Most of the young couples want their marriage to be a one of its kind occasion and thus like to enjoy a professional touch to the same. This has given rise to the concept of wedding planning. Let us now get to know the status of wedding planning business in a country like India.

Wedding planning business

Change in Attitudes and Opinions

There were times when all the decisions regarding marriage were made by the bride’s and groom’s parents and family members. The coupled did not have much of a say as far as the wedding arrangements were concerned. However, as on date, we can easily come across many couples who look forward to stay involved in their marriage preparations right from the beginning. They love to bring experts into the picture in order to roll out a fairy tale wedding for them. Hence, we can easily state that the change in attitudes and opinions of both Indian couples as well as their families has contributed substantially to the growth of wedding planning business in India.

Enjoy the Moment

A wedding is a very demanding occasion. There are a number of areas that need to be taken care of such as the venue, décor, catering, styling and so on and so forth. If only the families were to run around behind these preparations neither the family members nor the couple in question would get to enjoy the precious moments in their very own wedding. This limitation can now be rightly kicked off by engaging the services of wedding planners at large. This is yet another reason that has given a boost to wedding planning business in India.

Get a taste of the Best Offerings

Weddings happen once in a while in most of our families. This is exactly why we are left completely unaware about a happening venue in town, décor that would brighten up the venue, caterer who would make the invitees lick their fingers and ofcourse stylists who could enhance the beauty of the bride and ofcourse the charm of the bridegroom. As freshers, there are high chances that we could stumble upon an inappropriate service provider and would goof up the wedding. Nobody wants to take such a chance, which is another reason that leads them to wedding planners. In the end, this acts as a strong base for wedding planning business in India.

Bang on Organization

In order to ensure smooth flow of your wedding having all the essential items in place is of crucial importance. You cannot really manage a wedding in a haphazard manner. Organization is a must. If a layman was to manage a wedding it is quite obvious that most of the things would be in a mess due to lack of expertise as well as non professional supporters. Last minute glitches are quite natural. Most of the people look forward to avoid this kind of an ordeal and want things to pass by in an uncomplicated way, which is yet another critical reason contributing to the success of wedding planning business in India.

Zero Possibility of a Miss

If you have managed a wedding till date, you will agree hands on that you must have missed on something or the other, the presence of which was absolutely vital. This could be anything from a photographer to buying a gift for the invitees. Howevermuch careful you try to be, responsibility is sure to come in your way and lead you to miss on something crucial. This is because you fail to have professional experience in the said area. This is yet another major reasons that has led to a number of Indian families to opt for professional wedding planning services.

All said and done, we can simply conclude that wedding planning business is on the peak as far as its performance in India is concerned.

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