How Parents should Talk to Teens about Sex

How Parents should Talk to Teens about Sex

A rather important chapter in a parent child relationship is the adolescent phase. It is “caught between the two” phase where your kid is neither an adult nor a child. There are questions that need answering, there are doubts that need clarification and there are those unsolved mysteries that need to be solved and your child needs you for all of this. Sex, though a taboo in the society, is the major source of mystery in your child’s brain. How does one get pregnant is a oft asked question by a child and this is the time when your child might just start exploring on his own. It’s also time for you to loosen up yourself so that you can help your child through this important phase of his life.

How Parents should Talk to Teens about Sex

It’s difficult as a parent to understand the child’s needs to talk and prepare themselves for the chit chat on sex. Here is where we will bail you out. If you consider the following steps it would be easy to impart the right guidance to your child and make him walk the right path.

Ice Breaking Sessions

Before imparting sex talks, try to bridge the gap that has been caused by adolescence in your relation. Start by understanding your child’s needs and respecting them. A friendship needs to be built to understand and guide him in this period.

Early Start

It is advisable to start imparting sex knowledge when they have entered puberty slowly so that they can grasp what you are trying to talk them into and probably understand the facts beforehand. Take the steps slowly. This might help both you as a parent and your child to talk more freely on this subject.

Listen Before Saying

As parents we tend to feel that the child knows nothing about sex. Here is where we might be wrong. They might know more than we think they know. So start by listening to what he knows and allow the questions to roll. Answering questions would be a better form of sharing the knowledge that just one sided conversation. Dialogue is always better than a monologue.

No Authoritarian Attitude

How Parents should Talk to Teens about Sex

As a parent you might be tempted to preach your child on the morality of sex. The advice is don’t do that. They need a friend in you and not an rigid guardian. Being protective is natural but this is not the time to do so. The best method is to explain your point of view to them and rest at that. Tell them to be honest and let them choose the path. This way they might open up and share their thoughts and you might be able to do your duty as a parent peacefully.

Your thoughts on How Parents should Talk to Teens about Sex?

All of this is just to guide you through in your awkward moment. As a parent it is important not to shy away from sex talk with your teen. So sit back and talk it out so that your teen avoids mistakes in his walk of life. Share your thoughts on how you think parents should talk to teen about sex?

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