How about these Best Party Themes for Teenagers

No doubt, teenagers are born to party. It is always a good choice to let the teenagers organize their party. However, if parents are really enthusiastic in throwing them a wonderful then go they must ahead. The party theme needs to be extremely innovative, interesting and hard, so that the young ones get into the full party mood. You might get a number of party themes for 13-19 age groups. You can minutely follow their likings, their desires and preferences in order to throw a blasting party. Teenagers love themed parties, so do not hesitate to gift them a wonderful

party themes

Old age rocks

Why not surprise them with an age old party? Teenagers love to dress to the fullest. So organize such a theme so that they get their chance to dress up on full throttle. Try bringing any specific decade as the theme. Take for instance, the period of 1920s, or say 1960s and enable them to dress up according to the historic time, which they never have thought of.

You can also bring in the music of that period. Consider Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and other such soul stirring names. Give them the feel of that age and allow them to swing their heads to the rhythmic music. You can have your girls dressed in miniskirts, a hat, and funky eye glasses. If you want a modern party theme, then hip-hop dresses with beaded necklaces and bangles would be a better choice.

Cooking party


Teenage girls experience a keen interest on cooking for their party themselves. The parents can always lend them a helping hand. A small dining table can be arranged with floating candles, some light food stuffs, non-alcoholic drinks and Swiss chocolates. The guests may be doing the same, thus contributing some cupcakes, French fries, sandwiches or some desserts. An interesting movie may be an added attraction.

Makeover parties

makeover party

Are all the teenagers in the party are girls? Then why don’t you try some spa themed parties. This would include some special teenaged haircuts, facials, and others. You can take them to a local spa or arrange these at home. Tune in some light music and offer them some light snacks and juice. You can also allow them to have some flip flops, yoga or light dance to stretch out a little. Be cautious while you give them the makeup. The tender skin may not tolerate the chemicals. So it’s better to apply some herbal products.

Hotel Party or Shopping Mall Party

This may be another option to enthusiast the teenagers. A fashionable Hotel party can be a good choice, but expensive too.

Shopping Mall party is another possibility to let their hair down and party hard.

Movie Party

This is an evergreen favorite party theme for the teenagers, irrespective of boys and girls. This would be less expensive as well as fascinating. Do not forget to keep some pop corns and soft drinks.

Themes matter to the teenagers, but most important of all are the careful planning and preparation, good food and plenty of teenage type activities.

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