An Inexpensive Way to get Lustrous Hair : Try Hair Spa at Home!

The secret to Lustrous Hair: Hair Spa!

Tired of that frizzy, worn-out hair? Want to get rejuvenated? Try out hair spa!
In an age and period, full of pollution and damaging practices, your hair gets soiled easily. Benefits of hair spa are such that it restores your hair’s natural beauty without damaging it even once. An ample amount of pampering yourself can not only get your hair many benefits but also some awaited COMPLIMENTS! So why not go for hair spa?

What is a Hair Spa?

hair spa

Hair spa is a treatment that gives your hair new life, a re-birth. It involves hair oiling, shampooing, hair mask, condition, washing and the final touch up blow fry.
It is said to be the best for those who are facing major problems with regular hair loss and those with dull and damaged hair. It is important for your hair to maintain its natural texture and shine in a regular manner. There is no age limit for a hair spa, you can start as young as 11 or 12.. and go on with it till 55 or even more! A normal procedure of hair spa lasts about 50-60 mins. Ideally you can start with once a week and can go up to as many times as you want.. It is HARMLESS!
It strengthens your hair follicles which in turn helps in improves the texture and regular breakage causing hairfall..

Some Benefits of Hair Spa

  • It rejuvenates chemically destroyed hair. Hair that is ruined by smoothening or rebonding are given a life here.
  • It normalizes oil secretion of the scalp. So, it’s very beneficial for people with oily scalp.
  • Hair lacking life and dullness can be cured by this.
  • Regular hair spa can help you eliminating dandruff, itchy scalp and other day-to-day issues.
  • It stimulates blood circulation and helps one, maintain a healthy scalp.
  • It relieves a person from mental stress and also avoids scalp aging.

How to get Hair Spa at Home

hair spa

Why not look at some short and simple tips that can help you in improving your hair at the comfort of staying your home and without spending unnecessary bucks. Here are some-

  • Give your hair a hot oil massage atleast twice a week.
  • Always use a mild shampoo, a harsh one can reduce or even finish your hair’s shine and lusture
  • You can use hair mask 2-3 times a week, depending upon the need.

A Home-made Fruit Pack for Happy Hair

Things That you will Need

You will need one cup coconut milk, half cup sweet lime, three tablespoon hibiscus powder and half a pint beer.


Mix the above mentioned, divide your hair into sections, apply it, leave it for 15-20 minutes and it will be done! You have a lustrous mane that looks rejuvenated.

Hair Spa does actually Work!

hair spa

A hair spa can work wonders for you. A little shedding of your money can really pay back its worth! So, try this treatment and make your hair look glowing once again. Let us know your views on this and whether you have any secret procedures for home made hair spa!

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