Top 10 Weird but Great Wedding Venues

Weird but Great Wedding Venues

For quite some time now, traditional wedding venues like the Church have been falling out of favor for couples seeking to add something unique about their weddings particularly, the location. The special day is sometimes realized in the place of their dreams for some couples, which some people might find plain strange. So, here are some of the weird but great wedding venues around the world

Top 10 Weird but Great Wedding Venues

10. Wedding in the Disney World

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Many weddings have been documented to have been solemnized in the famous Wedding Pavilion of the Disney World in Florida. In fact, the total number of such weddings is recorded to have been run into several hundreds. In these unique weddings, it has often been the case that the guests, along with the bridal party arrive in costumes of their favorite Disney characters. At the end, instead of the usual reception, the complete entourage often takes a ride in the various offerings of the park, and it all ends at one of the many luxury hotels there.

9. At the Mount Everest Peak

Yes, you saw it right. The mighty Mt. Everest has also been graced by the occasion of a wedding. It happened sometime during 2005, as a Nepalese couple took their vows there. This saga was limited to a couple of minutes, during which they took off their masks, kissed and the returned.

8. At a Nudist Resort

For the couples, for whom the word ‘inhibition’ doesn’t exist, a nudist resort may present itself as an exotic location for marriage. Plus, it saves all those haggles of a wedding dress. The largest of its kind of wedding was held in 2001, when 11 couples exchanged their vows after stripping down.

7. At the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

A popular wedding venue for the diehard fans of this club, where the event takes place on the pitch, with the bridegroom sporting the home colors of the team, and the background music of the usual wedding songs being replaced by football songs, as the guests loon on from the stands.

6. Wedding in Zero Gravity Conditions

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This first of its kind took place in June 2009, when a wealthy couple, who were total space lunatics decided to get married. The wedding party was seen at the wedding in blue jumpsuits! It happened inside a customized Boeing 727-200 craft, operated by the Zero Gravity Corp., which offers weightless flight experience by flying quite high about the Gulf of Mexico. It was solemnized by the company co-founder Richard Garriott.

5. At a Racetrack

This one –of – a-kind wedding happened in 2005, when a couple exchanged vows at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, in Florida. To mark the special occasion, NASCAR driver mark Martin played the part of the honorary best man at the racetrack.

4. Underwater Marriage

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This marriage location is usually selected by those who are diving fanatics. Best suited for waters around a coral reef, it is growing in popularity quickly. Now, some diving companies even offer packages for such events, with each having their own diving priest.

3. At the Chester Zoo

The Chester zoo located in the Upton-by-Chester in Cheshire has been graced by the occasion of marriage for several animal lovers, who exchanged their wedding vows surrounded by wild animals of all kind.

2. At the McDonalds

A couple who worked at the McDonalds near Dayton, Ohio and first met there also, exchanged their wedding vows in it in 2006. A downside perhaps was that the unsuspecting customers kept on placing orders, resulting in some of the guests actually having to serve them.

1. Underground at Llechwedd Slate Caverns

In this one of its kind location, the couple and their guests had to come down to the Deep Mine by the steepest passenger railway of Britain, having a gradient of 1 in 1.8.

 Your Ideas on Great Wedding Venues

Now that we have shared our list of great wedding venues, we know that you must have also been part of some wonderful weddings at not so usual places. Let us know about the great wedding venues that you have been to!

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