Five Things to Do When Getting Pregnant

So, you and your husband have decided to conceive a baby finally. That is great news. Unfortunately, most couples nowadays have very little clue as to what will help them have a baby or rather, how they can increase the odds of the woman getting pregnant as soon as possible. But you don’t need to stress yourself out already wondering what you should do. There is a massive list of do’s and don’ts that you are supposed to take care of in order to conceive. But to keep it simple, let’s just concentrate on the top five things to do when getting pregnant. This article will tell you these five things to do when getting pregnant.

getting pregant

Figure out your fertile days

Make a thorough chart of your ovulation period and make sure that you do not miss out the most fertile day of your cycle for having sex. Most couples neglect to do this and as a result, end up having sex on all the wrong days of the month. Naturally, their chances of conceiving a baby is decreased substantially. Keeping track of your ovulation days will make sure that you are making the most of your biological cycle.

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Get as sperm friendly as possible

Among the top five things to do when getting pregnant, is also keeping your cervical area as sperm friendly as possible. This means the reduction of vaginal sprays, scented tampons, artificial lubricants and of course, any kind of birth control as well. This will not only keep you safe from infections but also create a friendly environment for sperm to fertilize the egg.


We all know that getting pregnant is the result of male climax. This is a known fact. However, it has also been seen in the same note, that if the woman is getting an orgasm during intercourse, it is more likely that she will become pregnant. This is because the muscle contractions during climax help draw the semen into the cervix.

Cut off the supply of smoke, drinks and drugs

This should be on the top of the list of the five things to do when getting pregnant. Smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol and taking drugs for recreation constitute few of the major habits that reduce the possibility of the woman getting pregnant. Even passive smoking plays a big part in reducing the fertility of the woman. Apart from smoking, drinking and drug intake, it is also imperative that you limit the intake of caffeine to 200 mg or less per day.

Keep a check on your weight

While you keep a check on all the other things while trying to get pregnant, you must also remember that your body mass index (BMI) also plays an important role in making sure that not only you, but your baby as well, remains healthy during as well as after pregnancy.

These being said, it is true that there are not just five things to do when getting pregnant, there is much more. Just make sure that you are not stressing yourself or your partner over it, and instead enjoying the process.

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