Ultimate First Date Tips for the Amateurs

First dates are always special! A perfect first date can lead to a string of many dates. Remembering first dates can make your cheeks red either with happiness or embarrassment. Everything depends on the impression you’ve made on his/her mind. It could lead to a fully fledged affair, or might make you feel like an idiot afterwards.  If you want to impress that special person with whom you are going on a date, you must follow some Do’s and Don’ts.  Well, to avoid the second part, go through these first date tips.

First Date Tips and Ideas

first date tips

We know that going on a first date must be a blend of excitement and nervousness for most you. The key idea for a successful first date is to be you. Don’t pretend or try to be someone other than you. Also, you need to follow these simple first date tips.

Don’t be Late

first date tips

The first among the most important first date tips is a rule governed by common sense – DON’T BE LATE!!   There may be a few people who will not mind waiting for few extra minutes but majority of them might get irritated. So try being on time to see a smiling face instead of an irksome one!

Do not Reveal too much about Yourself

Okay, so your dad and mom got divorced and you have a step-mother. You have had some awesome college life with some crazy hilarious encounters. Good for you, as your partner might not be interested to know all this about you. Learn to control your tongue and give room to your partner to understand you. So stop blabbering unnecessary shit and give her time to explore you.

Do not Talk about your Ex

This is another among the most vital dating tips, something where most people are mistaken- talking about their exes during their first dates. STOP! No one is interested in knowing what led to the demise of your past relationship. If you want to convey the message that what type of partner you are looking for then invent some new idea but please not this. This can really turn your partner’s mood off.

Avoid Receiving Calls

first date tips

Answering your phone in between your conversation might cast a very bad impression on your partner. Your friends must be eager to know what’s going on but it would be better to pres the “ignore” button if they keep calling you.  Rejecting your calls in order to maintain the flow of your conversation will definitely earn you some more points.

Choose your Order Wisely

This is again something very important. Choose the food which you are comfortable eating with. Do not choose flatulent stuff that cause intestinal wind. Avoid ordering pizza as the mozzarella cheese might make you feel embarrassed.

Do not Let your Eyes Wander

Eye contact is a must on your first date. Do not act like a rubberneck and keep your neck moving here and there. Look straight into her eyes. Maintain your self-esteem. She will definitely fall for you.

First Date Tips which you would Advise

Do you have some first date tips and ideas up your sleeve as well? Do let us know about them for we know that there are many who have tried out interesting and naughty tips and tricks to impress. Also did you know that you could attract girls without even talking to them? Read our article Attract Girls without Talking to Them

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