Best Ways to End Relationship with Boyfriend

Love is all about being in love with each other. There isn’t any point being in a relationship in the event when the feelings you once possessed for your boyfriend has become an archaic thing. However, breaking the bad news to the boyfriend is always a difficult task. Read through the article and get hold of the 5 best ways to break up with your boyfriend without hurting him much. Have a look:

Clear the clouds, you really want a break up?

Break up with your boyfriend

First things first!! Before taking any step, just sit and think about the course of the relationship. You really feel you can’t survive in this relationship? There should not be the case that first you decide for a break up and then back out on a later stage. Be sure!!

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Think upon the reason for calling off

Nobody ends relationship just like that. There is always a reason backing the decision. The reasons can vary from infidelity, lack of spark, growing dislike for the boyfriend or his habits to a new budding relationship. Make sure to know exactly why you want a break up, as your boyfriend certainly deserves a chance to at least know why you are breaking the love nest.

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Face him as gently as possible

Your boyfriend must be totally unaware about this coming his way. So stay calm and be kind with him. It’s better to avoid becoming defensive, as this will only add the touch of bitterness. It’s better to make him understand your frame of mind, as to why exactly you are venturing out of this relationship. Never call him names, use the weapon of humility with him. Give him time to get hold of the situation.

What to say when calling off

What you say is directly related to how the relationship ends. One of the 5 best ways to break up with your boyfriend is to approach him in a step by step manner. If you just break the news the moment you meet him, a worst ending is definitely on the cards. Simply start by saying how long you both have been with each other, then brief him about why you liked him, then comes the main part tell him how the dynamics have changed and things are going downhill. Tell him that for you the relationship has ended a long back and there isn’t any hope of revival. Refrain from further discussion and lastly mention one positive aspect about your relation and the guy. But don’t end it with the patent words ‘ we can still be friends’ at least at this stage.

Break up texts

The list of the 5 best ways to break up with your boyfriend would be incomplete without break up text. The break up texts has emerged as the latest trend amongst the youngsters to call off a relationship. The break up texts is a buzz word in today’s tech era as it provides an opportunity to the individual to escape from giving a long explanation for the break up. This is an easy way out!!

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