5 Top Creative Baby Gifts

Your sister, your best friend or one of your cousin is expecting a baby and you got invited to the baby shower, a very special moment for all expecting mothers and instead of buying and presenting baby gifts available in the market, you want to give something creative and unique.  So, if you want to surprise your dear one with a unique baby gift, then below here is the list of 5 Top Creative Baby Gifts that you can try and make yourself.

Make a first aid kit for baby

creative gifts for baby

First aid kit for a baby is the most essential item that should be kept at places easy to reach but unfortunately most of the time parents often forget about this important thing and focus more on other attractive stuffs like crib, stuffed animals, a new car seat etc. However, you make this easier by just making a first aid kit yourself and presenting to the parents and save them from the trouble of running to the nearest drugstore during emergencies. All you need to do is collect a few items like baby thermometer, nasal aspirator, diaper rash creams, bottle cleaners and gas drops and arrange them in a small wicker basket wrapped up nicely in a proper gift paper and here you are ready to present your gift basket of first aid kit. This one surely is a very creative baby gift that you can offer.

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Set of baby care products

Another gift that comes in the 5 Top Creative Baby Gifts list is baby clothes. A set of baby care products like baby massage oil, baby bath oil along with a nappy salve can be a great and unique gift and also will benefit the mother by providing all the basic equipment of toiletry. Besides these, you can also add a bundle of baby wipes since those are very important for a baby. This unique and creative gift set of baby care products will not only benefit the parents greatly but will also save you a great deal of money.

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A set of baby clothes

Collect a set of baby clothes like a baby mitten, a baby bodysuit, a baby bonnet, a baby wrap over vest and a pair of warm baby socks. To add a personal touch you can also embroider them or print on them with the baby’s picture, initials or a personal message. You can either put all the items in a wicker basket or can wrap them up beautifully in a big box, either way this will be a unique gift for the baby.

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Sleeping set for the baby

A crib set, a small teddy bear and a baby sleeping bag is all you need to make your own baby sleeping bag. This is the kind of gift which is always well received since it is one of the most important things for the baby.

Wooden letters

Carving a set of wooden letters spelling the baby’s name or nickname can be a very personal and a beautiful gift for both the parents and the baby. This will be a long-lasting gift and will forever keep on reminding the family about your love and care. Surely this deserves a place in the list of 5 top creative baby gifts.

All of the gift ideas described above are creative and unique and will also help the parents a great deal in taking care of their newborn.

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