Risks involved with Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

The use of cosmetic teeth whitening to enhance one’s appearance is becoming quite common these days. Cosmetic Tooth Whitening is among one of them. It promises you a white and bright smile with naturally white stain-free teeth.

What is Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

cosmetic teeth whitening

The cosmetic teeth whitening is a bleaching-based process that uses negligible to high amount of a chemical called peroxide to give your teeth natural whitening. Before going for the cosmetic whitening, a patient must have a consultation with his or her dentist as not everybody is suitable for tooth bleaching owing to several factors like sensitivity, allergy, or other kind of vulnerability.

Types of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

The 2 most common ways of cosmetic teeth whitening are:

  • Laser / in-surgery Teeth Whitening
  • Professional home whitening kits

Nowadays teeth bleaching kits are also available in the market for home use. It isn’t much recommendable to use professional home whitening kits because it can have its side effects emanating from unsupervised use, uncustomized mouth guard, and variation of quantity.

Risks involved in Commercial Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Products

 Presence of Peroxide

An imperative thing to know here is that in order to hasten the results and intensify the effects for commercial purposes, a considerable number of home teeth bleaching products have started using much more amount of peroxide than the recommended level. And the results are horrific with patients left with burnt lips, gray or transparent tooth color and swallowed cheeks to name a few.

Corrosive Effects of Bleach

cosmetic teeth whitening

Before using this whitener, the surrounding areas must be covered thoroughly to absolutely protect the soft vulnerable parts like inner mouth lips, etc. from corrosive effects of this bleach. Also, the mouth guard provided in home whitening kits may not fit properly and hence the bleaching gel may leak out, harming your gums and other vulnerable areas.

Erosion of Enamel

The major risk, however, is spilling down of the bleach on soft and vulnerable parts resulting in swollen lips, and painful gums. The prolonged use of cosmetic tooth whitening result is considerable erosion of enamel and loss of glossy teeth covering thus making it even more vulnerable to stains and discoloration. Prolonged acute teeth pain is another side effect that cannot be neglected. If used at home without acute care, this bleach can also result in several major risks also involving gastronomical complications if swallowed.

Results not Guaranteed

cosmetic teeth whitening

Apart from all the risks stated above, it is also not a sure way to get whitened teeth. The results may vary from excellent to poor depending upon how a patients tooth structure responds to the technique and chemical.

Side effects of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening 

Like other cosmetic methods, tooth whitening also has several side effects. Alteration in enamel surface is also a side effect of whitening bleach. Because of its chemical process cosmetic tooth whitening can also result in Pulp sensitivity and cervical resorption. Multiple repetitions of cosmetic teeth whitening can even add to the side effects with a varying degree of intensity.

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