Cool long hair styles for women

Surveys suggests that women with long hair are more appealing to men and since it is the case it becomes our responsibility to tell you about the coolest long hair styles so that you can create an even better impression. Long hair in itself is cool but you need a little something extra to style them and what is that? Well, that we will tell you here all that you need to know about long hair styles.

Curly long hair styles

1.) Curly hair are known to be the hottest hair type and if you get the right kind of hair cut you can look ultra glamorous. Get your hair cut in layers and flaunt them by using a serum right after you wash your hair.

curly hairstyles

2.) For those girls who don’t like a fringe or any flick and want to go easy and natural on their hair, this is the perfect hair style.

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Straight long hair styles

1.) Kim Kardashian tells us how to go easy on your straight hair with these beautifully done layers. The layers add a lot of volume to the hair and make you look chic and classy.


2.) Part your hair from the side and let them be, you don’t need any fringes or any flicks. Penelope Cruz tells us how to get this ultra sheen look.

Long Hairstyles

3.) This is another classy way of sporting your long hair by making your fringe your hair accessory. Flaunt your classy fringe and let your hair loose.

long haircuts


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