Cool Hairstyles for Curly Hairs for Women

I personally believe curly hair is the best kind of hair type because if you have curly hair you have the least number of bad hair days, however you will still need some hairstyles for curly hair to make sure you minimize the bad hair days completely. So whether you have short hair or long hair, here are some cool and trendy hairstyles for curly hair.

1.) Short hairstyles for curly hair

curly hairs

Go short on your curls. Flaunt your curls by getting these short layers as they make your hair look the most glamorous and you need not tie your hair before making that red carpet appearance as you are always red carpet ready with this hairstyle.

2.) Flaunt your long curls

If you have long luscious curls, just flaunt them open. All you need is a good shampoo and a perfect serum that enhances your curls and you can just part them from one side and get this wonderful look.

3.) Tie them back

curly hair tie

Jenifer Lopez tells us how to make a perfect pony with t he curly hair. Just take your hair back and tie them into this classy and neat ponytail.

4.) The glamour fringesLong-Curly-Hairs


Fringes add a lot of glamour and mystery to your hair because this is the straight part to your otherwise curly hair, gets a hair straightener and you are set for this hairstyle.

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5.) Short bob for your thick wavy hair


Sandra Bullocks tells us that we don’t always need to sit with a hair iron in our hands, we should just let our fringes go the way they are.

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