Flaunt Your Attitude with these 5 Best Sunglasses Brands

The 5 Best Sunglasses Brands of Present Times

Wondering how to look extraordinary at a beach party or want to make a splash at an outdoor family event? All you need is a great pair of shades. Sunglasses are picture-perfect fashion accessories and they are also of significance when it comes to maintaining good eye condition. Classy and trendy, shades can do more than just block out the sun; they allow attention to be drawn to your face while at the same time can set the whole look and add appeal and style to any outfit. There are so many options for us today that its difficult to choose the best sunglasses brands.

What are the 5 Best Sunglasses Brands?

best sunglasses brands

Sunglasses are perfect to appease your look. And if you are habitual of partying really hard, the best “morning after” makeup is an amazing pair of shades. Lets check out the five best sunglasses brands of the present time:


best sunglasses brand

Oakley was created for world-class sportspersons, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. They’re renowned for combining effortless style with serious protection, making them a much-loved brand among shoppers who are in search for something worth the money and trendy. Oakley Radar sunglasses are famed and worn by various athletes and sports-persons, many of those from the Indian cricket team too. Being sweat-resistant and UV safe, these sunglasses ensure great performance.


Prada is in ownership of upscale, high status and prestige. several celebrities proudly boast their Prada glasses. Prada is not only considered as a fashion statement but also becomes your status personification. Styles include distinctive bold colours with lustrous shades, and elegant decorations. Aviators, broad framed, shaded – whatever you prefer, Prada has a choice for you.

Ray Ban

best sunglasses

The American brand has been leading market for years. This is by far the most prevalent brand among both celebrities and regular folks. They’re reasonably priced, they’re often unisex, they look good on everybody and they come in an amazing variety. Ray Ban Aviators look great on any face shape, and you can’t beat them for blocking glare and giving you all day ease and totally undistorted, clear viewing. Ray Ban Wayfarers are the most famous sunglasses in history and still in fashion from six decades.


Chanel Sunglasses carry styles that have been inspired by Italian designers that are famous all over the world to meet all of your fashion desires. They exude contemporary style and attitude. The French label offers definite satisfaction to the customer. The signature style of Chanel sunglasses is dark and oversized. The rounded shape of this brand is loved by celebrities the world over!


sunglasses brands

Gucci Sunglasses are the most stylish and glamorous sunglasses ever! They make you distinctively identified in the crowd; no matter who or where you are. They are famous for their cool and distinctive shapes. From Angelina Jolie to Miley Cyrus; everybody is a fan of their aviators. Gucci Sunglasses for both men and women offer classy and in vogue styling.

What’s Your Favorite Sunglasses Brands? 

Wisely picked top seasonal designer frames can help you to achieve a dazzling & glamorous look. You can easily stand out in the crowd with stylish sunglasses that suit your face. Alison Goldfrapp rightly said “Always have sunglasses with you. They act as a great quick fix when you can`t be bothered to put make-up on”. Let us know what your favorite Sunglasses Brand is and also share with us some cool snaps!


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