The 5 Best Honeymoon Destinations on Earth

Are you tying the knot in a near time and looking for the best honeymoon destinations? Planning for the honeymoon is the best part of planning the wedding as it is one of the most enthusiastic trips for any couple. Honeymoon is the best time to take an off with your partner, unwind and relax after the hectic wedding schedule. You should be wise before selecting the honeymoon destination as it is one of  the most special time in one’s life and its memories stay intact with you forever. Check out some of the best honeymoon destinations through this post.

5 Best Honeymoon Destinations on Earth

Best Honeymoon Destinations


The Maldives are considered as one of the best honeymoon destinations which offer a holiday with style. Maldives being a tiny country provide visitors with a white sand, blue skies, seas and tropical palms. The destination is the ideal, for couples who desire of lying back and enjoy a coconut. The country lodges in one of the most exotic resorts with great pampering music buzzing all over the region. You can also surf and dive in the azure seas or simply walk holding each other on the white sand.


best honeymoon destinations

Switzerland is the honeymoon destination for centuries. The scenic landscapes, green meadows and snow kissed mountains beguile the honeymooners greatly. The long walks, boat trips to the fascinating Lake Lucerne and a cable car trip to the Mt. Titlis infuse more and more elements of romance to the trip. This is the place to indulge in the true meaning of romance.


Italy is celebrated as the center of romanticism. The various cities of the country, be it Rome or Italy, perfectly provides a great dimension to the romance and love. The cities are designed for lovers and a honeymoon trip to this location is for sure going to be the precursor of your togetherness for years to come. If you love pizzas, this is an ideal destination to walk hand in hand and enjoy a great meal. If visiting Italy, do steal a kiss with your spouse on the beautiful Bridge of Sighs.


best honeymoon destinations

Being the legendary love city, it is a personal favourite of many couples. The element of romance is one of its kind, when taking a romantic dinner on the topmost spot of the Eiffel Tower or travelling on a cruise down the Seine. Paris has all, varying from the artworks, museums and lawns etc. Sipping a cuppa of coffee with your love at the street cafe is one of the amazing activities performed by the honeymooners in Paris. The location certainly adds its mystic charm on your holiday.


Malaysia has promised a worth remembering honeymoon to many couples. The retreat of the Langkawi, the rustling of the palm tree, tropical sunshine and the amazing golden beaches are some of the captivating attributes of this enthralling location. Malaysia offers a number of fabulous treats to the much in love couple. It provides you with a chance to enjoy every moment of togetherness.

What’s your Favorite Honeymoon Destination?

here is as such no ‘ best honeymoon destinations’ as the honeymooners come in various stripes nowadays. It is indeed of great significance to plan the honeymoon carefully after considering the personal likes and dislikes. The honeymoon should always be a figment of the joint likes of the couple. Let us know your choices as well!

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