5 Beauty Tips from Megan Fox

Megan Fox is considered one of the hottest women across the globe. Though she has achieved motherhood in the recent past, she continues to be a diva, mesmerizing all and one. But have you ever thought of taking a cue out from her book of beauty and learning something? We all know Megan Fox for her gorgeous looks and she is seen as a style icon. Here’s how you can be like her and learn from her.

Eyelashes with Glamour

Megan Fox eyelashes

Whether you go for a pile of mascara or a layer of false eyelashes, your eye needs to do the talking. Be confident to speak with your eye and you will see that eyes can definitely kill. You can either curl your lashes or put on a soft make-up, but whatever you do, do it with confidence and carry it with ease.

Colorful Lips

Megan Fox lips

Colour always speaks of your mood and having a red coloured lip is a way to be vibrant and confident among the mass of people. This is the new trend where you can use orange- red with fresh dewy makeup and deep wine-reds with smoky eyes. It will definitely give you a Mother Earth and yet Unique look among all. With this you can try Megan’s sultry pout which will obviously turn all heads toward you.

Avoid over-doing your Hair

Megan fox hair

Fox follows a right balance between her hair style and make –up. So should you. Never make your hair or make-up look artificial or over done. If you make your hair complicated or overloaded with extra accessories then you will miss out the basic simple look which you are focusing on. Well, then what will be the use? Nothing? Yes, you are correct!

Nowadays middle partition of hair is considered sexy and trendy. But be careful of how you do it because on one hand you will be the trend-setter if you do it correctly and carry it well, on the other hand you will be the laughing stock of people if you do it wrong. So create a sexy appearance, make a slight natural waves that bright some lightness to you and needless to say it always works!

The Retro Look

Megan Fox retro look

The 40s glamour refreshes the look of every woman in the mind of young and old both. So let it be your trump card in a party. But never over do yourself or do anything which you are not comfortable with. In whatever you do, being comfortable and unique should be the main key. Also your personality is one of the key traits that you must remember. Because whatever you wear, it is you who should carry it, so you should be at ease with it

A Glance Over the Shoulder

Your face, neck and breast look nicer if you pose in over-the-shoulder position. It’s the rule every star knows! Fox looks hotter glancing as if from above the shoulder and so will you! Its one of the many looks men die for. Well now its up to you as to how you carry yourself in front of others in a party.

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