5 Most Secret Beauty Tips from Anne Hathaway

Actress Anne Hathaway, the Hollywood star, came to the limelight with her movie The Devil Wears Prada never to look back again. Her journey from being an intimidated assistant all along to the zenith of stardom as a fashion addict inspires many young girls to dream. The deep dark brown eyes, gorgeous lips with a radiant smile make her the heartthrob of the Hollywood industry.

Unlock the 5 secret Beauty Tips from Anne Hathaway and know what’s behind the flawless beautiful skin of Anne Hathaway

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The young enthusiastic ‘good girl face’ believes in proper regimen and balanced diet.

A strict no-no to any kind of calorie drink

The first beauty tip from Anne Hathaway is that we have to drink a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water is an inevitable part of her regular diet.  She strictly avoids the intake of calorie drink

Fruits, vegetables and fish

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Fruits, vegetables and fish consume a vital part of her regular food habits.  The actress is said to have admitted the “yo-yo” effect (hunger effect that she suffered during the making of Devil Wears Prada.  The strict diet affected her adversely. Her advice to the young models and girls is to avoid following such diets as it is harmful for their health. She has however reported to have said that she could meet any kind of requirements in order to fulfill her academic challenges.

Detox diet

beauty tips from Anne Hathaway

Detox diet is the major secret behind the radiant skin of the beautiful Anne Hathaway. Cold pressured olive oil plays role of detoxification in her body. She regularly consumes two spoons full of it before going to the bed. It stimulates better functioning of her liver to eliminate toxins from her system and give her the glow in the morning.

Sauna session helps her transpire and enables her to further enabling her to get rid of the toxins

Castor oil

To add more, she prefers consuming castor oil after a lunch or a dinner party to provoke better intestinal activity. Organic food is her favorite. In fact she chooses hot pepper sauce and jalapenos as they turn down the hunger and give her a fresh look

Applying The Cold Mask

The ever refreshing face of Anne Hathaway is cold masked by her official makeup artist Gina Brooke. The cold mask constitutes of Hylaronic acid that encourages hydration of the skin followed by a moisturizer of Hylaronic acid of low molecular weights blended with a vitamin C booster. This provides her a brighter skin.

Among other essentials, the charming actress prefers Lancôme products for her skin. A daily use mask, with bar pink lips is a must for her. For a smooth skin Nutrix loyal is her choice. She follows a rigorous training session to maintain a proper figure. Jogging is her first preference. She believes in healthy habit of living gives her the charm and freshness of a dream girl. If you can follow these beauty tips from Anna Hathaway then you too can have a lovely figure and glow like her!

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