What’s so Hot about the Animal Print Clothes

The Stylish and Sexy Animal Print Clothes 

Animal print clothes something that would never go out of fashion! They can be worn as dresses, overcoats, and boots or even as lingerie. With the increasing fashion consciousness, the animal prints are also being experimented on various colors and fabrics, which make it even more exciting and obtainable. Tiger print, zebra print, giraffe print and leopard print are some of the prints which have always been in vogue.

Animal Print Clothes: Defining Fashion since Beginning!

animal print clothes

Animal print dresses have been in fashion ever since the caveman decided to use goatskin as his loincloth! After animals were used as meals, their skin was worn as a part of clothing to keep them warm and covered. So basically, animal prints are a representation of the wild side of humans which is both appealing and daring! The animal print clothes can also be designed according the pattern used by cave men and women to add fantasy to the attire.

Animal Prints are for Everyone!

A dress in animal print is a must have in one’s wardrobe. It suits all body types, ranging from lean to obese, all complexions and all occasions. Just let your hair loose, dab on some foundation, highlight your eyes and keep your lips nude; and you are ready for absolutely any event. Stilettos works best with animal print dress, but boots or flat don’t look bad either. You can team up the print with something flashy or with something subtle, either way animal print looks very classy.

Popular Celebrity Mantra

animal print clothes

Animal Prints have been worn and promoted by almost every celebrity. Rihanna, Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Daisy Lowe, Nicole Richie, Claudia Schiffer, Mischa Barton, Jessica Alba, Kylie Minogue are some of the celebrities who have included animal prints in their wardrobe. Animal Prints have adorned their attire as a dress, scarf, coat, waistcoat, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, hair accessories and what not! The designs look absolutely chic and stunning, making it a popular demand among commoners too.

Show your Individuality

animal print clothes

For the girl who is wild, daring, attached to the basics and fun loving, animal print is the perfect choice.  Animal print is fierce, sexy and at the same time, beautiful and appealing. The designers have done magic with the faux animal prints, making them more lively and more wearable. By combining them with varied colours and styles, you can choose your own pick which you think describes you best.

The Secret to Wearing Animal Print Clothes

The animal print clothes are hotter now than they ever were. They have been embossed as the must have in the wardrobe along with the evergreen dresses like Little Black Dress and White Shirts. It is a timeless classic which enhances the sensuality and femininity of the wearer. The secret to wear animal print dresses is to be bold and not to refrain from experimenting with the styles. You can mix colors and designs and paint the town red with your classy outfit.


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