Amazing Fashion Tips for College Going Girls

Fashion has different meanings for different people. It may be different for kids, adolescents and adults. But whatever be the exact definition fashion means a unique style of your own that describes your personality and have all-the-rage. Fashion is something with which you can identify yourself. It can be seductive or elegant or simply gorgeous.

In Colleges Fashion Comes Before Academics!

Imagine it is 7 am in the morning you suddenly bump out of your bed realizing that it is the first day of your college. You open your cupboard scratching your head and feeling you have nothing to wear. Well, nothing can be more embarrassing than missing your college fresher’s party for the reason that you did not have anything to put on. Give me a break and read below.

college girls fashion tips

Fashion forms a vital part of one’s college life. It can enhance your personality and help you socialize with other people in the college rather than sitting in one corner, and eyeing all the fashionable girls around you. Follow the following tips and become “fashionable”.

1. College wear for girls should begin and end both with what they are comfortable in. You should purchase that stuff which suits your body shape, complexion and similar attributes. For instance, if you are busty you should not wear high necks rather you should go with deep elegant necks, horizontal lines and light colors.

2. One of the most important tips is not showing off those ugly bright straps. If you are thinking that showing your bra straps will make you look “hot and sexy” then you are completely mistaken. Bras are inner wears and are not meant to be displayed.

Some of the Latest Fashion Trends Include

The cutest printed jeans

Cropped tops

“Tuckable” shirts

Floral denims

Polka dotted tops

Different coloured denims

Top 5 must-haves that Every College Girl should have in her closet are

Fashion Tips for College Going Girls

2-3 pair of denim trousers

A classy pair of black heels

A perfect dress that you can wear if your prince charming asks you out for a date

Some colorful comfortable flip-flops

A nice chic bag

DIY Fashion Tips

Now comes the most exciting part of fashion. The DIY part! Do It Yourself part provides you with some examples that can make you look stylish and trendy at rock-bottom prices. So beat the economic heat with the following cheap fashion tips.

Make your own “TEES”

Dress up, step out of your home, buy some nice stuff plane white t-shirts and some painting colors. A simple white t-shirt can be made into a super cool attire when you paint it in your way, write some quotations, or rebukes and pair it up with some nice shorts or denims or a skirt and nice flip-flops. A “10 on 10” attire in just 200-300 bucks! Wow, isn’t it?

A cheap yet classy dress

Go to the market and buy yourself a polka-dotted or a nice bright colored one-piece and accessorize it with a very classy waist belt. A descent deal in just 500-600 bucks! Crack it right away.

Mix and match

Remember the saying old is gold. An old wine colored tee can look perfect with a brown/black leather belt and can grab you many compliments.

Fashion for college girls thus should be original, affordable and yet trendy.

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