Love and Lifestyles is targeted for all those who are in need of actual advice. The content is prepared from proven facts and records and hence we are assured that our readers will benefit from the blog if they follow the advices religiously. Though we have a sight upon the teenaged and the young people, we do not want to restrict ourselves and hence we have kept a special category “Health & Lifestyle” which would be targeted for the homemakers as well as for those who need daily doses of fresh health and lifestyle tidbits.

The “Secrets and Advices” category will contain all the hidden secrets about men and women- their choices, needs and mental orientations. We all know that love is not just about eye contact and hence the category “Love & Lust”. No points for guessing what it’s for. The “Dating & Relationship” would have all the solutions to our everyday problems involving our boyfriends, girlfriends, friends and crushes.

The “Fashion & Style” segment  is for maintaining the cool quotient of the site. What is youth without fashion and style? Oh it’s nothing. For all these reasons we say that Love and Lifestyles is the online Cupid offering the best love tips, relationship and dating tricks, wedding, fashion, beauty ideas, style trends and healthy lifestyle advices.

So basically this website is a brainchild of three people from three different worlds but common interests. This conglomerate of three different personalities with umpteen experiences leads to the landing of love and lifestyles into the internet world. Well, let’s get down to the purpose – “About Us”.


I wrote my first article at the age of 17 and i felt so happy to see my name on the Internet. From then, I am in love with writing. I love blogging than anything else. I have two other blogs beside Love and Lifestyles–  Technoinsta and Androidfirm. If you have any queries related to gadgets, make sure you visit these blogs. Apart from blogging, I love travelling.  I am not so good at being serious. 🙂

Son of a beautiful mother, Student, Facebook Addict, Ganguly Fan, Android User and in my day job, I am the founder of Loveandlifesytles. I don’t have much things to say about me, but still if you want you know more about me, join me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+