5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Parents are the only family we always stay close too. We might move away from our homes and build our own house to stay, but the unseen cord always keeps us in contact with our parents no matter where we go or what we do. As is with us, the people and the humans, we make a culture or norm for everything we cherish and hold close to our hearts. We celebrate days to make sure we take time out of our busy schedules for each other.

father's day

Some people might feel we do not need a special day to tell someone we care and other might feel, it is important to tell people in our lives they are important. Whatever view you hold, there are always few ways to make your dad feel special. Most of us grow to revere to our dads as disciplinarians and the tough person on the block. This father’s day tell your dad what he means to you and spend sometime time to get to know this man even better

The flowers, the card, the gift and the food

The simple things can do the trick. Take time out and buy your dad flowers, a card that says what you want to express and get him something as gift, something that he would love and cherish. Make him food today and make sure you treat him to some tasty food. Your mum can always help. Food cooked with love is the best way to connect, after all family that eats together, stays together.

Walk with him

As much as a walk with him on this father’s day could help you see his daily routine, you might find yourself connecting all over again over the simple things and joys in life. He might just share with you all over again, your favorite park stories and happenings. Never old to hear your dad’s vivid memories of you as a kid as they light up his heart and eyes.

Treat him to a special day of shopping, good food and treatments

This might be cliched, but your dad needs his share of pampering and looking good to do. Age is no bar to feel good, look good and do good. Take time out and drag your dad, even if he disagrees, to some in fashion shopping, good food and some nice time at the spa he always wanted to go to.

Help him do something that has been on his wish list

As young people, we always want to do so much ut as life happens we tend to miss many of the things on our bucket list. Get to know something your dad always wanted to do, and this Father’s day, help him accomplish it. Be it going for a bungee jump or take that plunge for skydiving. Make one of your dad’s dream come true and see the happiness and joy he always felt doing so much for you.

The Best Gift- Time

We as humans forget to value the little things in life as we run to make money. This father’s day give your dad the time and attention he deserves. Make it quality time. Put aside your disagreements and arguments and show that you care. The best way to spend your father’s day would be to gift some quality time with your dad and mom, as well.

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