5 Must have Kid’s Birthday Party Items

For a child, a birthday is just more than another day. A child waits for his birthday for the entire year, to have one special day dedicated just to them. Every parent wants to make their kid’s birthday better than the last and to make it as memorable as possible. Here are a few birthday party items which your kids will love.

A birthday cake

Birthday Party Items

Birthday cake

It goes without saying; no birthday is complete without the cutting of the birthday cake. To make the day even more special have the cake made into your child’s favorite cartoon character or toy. There are many stores that bake specialty cakes in any shape you want. You can even have your child’s photo printed onto the cake! Children love blowing out candles on the cake, so make sure you the cake you order is something that your child will love.


Birthday Party Items

Party Decorations

A party can seem bland without decorations. Balloons and banners give your home a different look which lets the kids feel the difference from an ordinary day to their birthdays.  You can also decorate the house according to the theme of the party. Plenty of confetti, streamers and ribbons can give your home the complete party look. Rocket balloons can really make the decoration look good.

Exciting Games

Birthday party items

Party games

No party is complete without games. Try to come up with new ideas for games based on the theme if you have one. Make sure you have all the materials ready at hand, before you call out the kids to play. If not, you can always go online and look up popular party games for children. Games are easy to plan and keep the kids occupied so that they don’t get bored. Games always get the kids excited and they play any game with a lot of enthusiasm. Make sure you have prizes for all the games and that your child hands them out to the winners.


Cook up tasty snacks for children to have. Cupcakes, biscuits, chips and ice cream are popular items that keep children happy. Also, it keeps their tummies full. You can also take the help of professional caterers, in case of a large gathering. Try to think of new ways to spruce up the look of the food items so kids are excited while picking up the food. Consult recipe books or ask your friends for tips.


Birthday Party Items

Goody Bags

On your child’s birthday, he is bound to receive loads of presents from his friends. Make sure you always give each of them a goody-pack before they leave. Goody packs can contain a lot of small things that will make any kid happy. You can include small toys, a slice of the birthday cake, colorful stationary items, candy and many other goodies. You can even decorate the goody-packs and include your child, so that he or she feels like they are giving something back to their friends. Theme-based goody packs are also generally given out to children, so that they can take a little part of the party back home.

Kids are messy, they will make a lot noise and disturbance. But birthday comes only once in everybody’s lives. So make sure that the birthday of your kid is really a party to remember!

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