10 reasons why one should date a doctor

Are you single? Looking for a guy, someone who would love you, care for you, spend on you, listen to your tantrums and your family would accept him? So have you ever tried dating a doctor? Here I am, to help you decide, why should you date a doctor?

why date a doctor

B’coz you will never be poor

Honestly, doctors are very rich. Moreover, no girl would deny liking rich men. Oh, come on, we all love shopping and spending money!

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B’coz he is your ticket to Hollywood

Have you never imagined to honeymoon in the Alps? Romancing in the gondolas or, travel around the world (its fine if not in 80 days). Oh yes dating a doctor can easily fulfill these wishes. Almost every doctor attends conferences outside the country, and he would always love his sweetheart to accompany him!


B’coz they are patient listeners

His profession demands that quality.

Oh yes it is a quality.1x6socraticmethod Who would not like to have a boyfriend who would listen to your anything and everything, patiently!

B’coz you have no worry while eating hot curry

You can get a doctor always attending your call even in an emergency. You have no more fudge with prescriptions. Even when you forget the dose, you do not need to figure it out from the prescription. He has all of it in his head. So next time you go out, eat anything you want! Your man would manage it!

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B’coz your parents would adore him

Parents will be happy to boast amongst their relatives that their son in law is a “life saver”, a doctor! It gives them the status-satisfaction! In addition, they know that they would be getting free treatment.

B’coz he would always love your handwriting

Maximum doctors have horrendous handwriting! So make sure he reads out all your prescription and write a love letter to him instead of mailing it. The next phone call would have a 30 minute of appraisal for your handwriting.

B’coz they are good anatomists

They have seen a lot of women and a lot in women! Therefore, their presence and touch will not intimidate you and you will not find them clingy either. They have good techniques in handling you.

B’coz you get a lot of me time

Doctors are busy people, so they will not bother you always to go out. You can have your own space in the relationship as well as your commitments to your friends.

B’coz they can handle stress very well

doctor caring

Doctors have to deal with stress at every point in their career. They can always handle stressful situations in a relationship too. They can be convincing and considerate at the same time.

B’coz they will never break your heart

doctor as a boyfriend

He will never break your heart, as he knows that it is irreparable and no doctor in the world can ever fix it.

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