10 reasons for divorce in India

Relationships have become fragile these days. The career-oriented, busy-scheduled hustle-bustle of our lives has actually drained us off relationships. Gone are the days when people married and lived happily ever after. Nevertheless, our freedom and financial independence has given us another choice to opt out of a marriage. Filing a divorce has become the easiest way out of the marriage, legally.

reasons for divorce


So here are the top reasons for divorce in India.

1. Rushing into a marriage

This is not Vegas, its India. So you fall for someone at first sight, or have a one night stand, or bond intensely with someone over a short time, do not rush into marriage. Marriage is a lifelong relation for which one needs to have enough patience and compatibility with the partner. So count your cards and better not rush into it.

2. Forced into a marriage

In India it is often seen that marriage does not happen according to the wishes of the couples. This results in further disasters as either of the spouse might have relationships with others, hence leading to a rocky married life. Everything turns all right eventually, but not always.

3. Infidelity in marriage

It is difficult to get everything from one person. Does that mean you have to cheat on your partner? Commitment has lost its definition in today’s world. There is no end to hypocrisy. Infidelity has become the commonest ground for filing divorce.

4. Misunderstandings and communication gap

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Problems occur in every relationship, but dealing with them with patience and perseverance is what marriage is about. Therefore, you need to talk to your partner and be honest about what you say. Misunderstandings grow due to lack of communication or poor communication. This gap, if not mended, creates a crater in the relationship.

5. Cannot handle the in-laws

The Indian culture says that the girls have to leave her home and stay in her in-laws house after marriage. Adjusting to the new environment can really be difficult. You can get along with your husband, but getting along with the other members of the family and living up to their expectations of ‘favorite bahu’ can be tougher than solving calculus. Often girls give up on this ground and go for separation.

6. Materialistic expectations and priority indifference

A lifelong relationship rests its pillar on mutual trust and understanding. Husband and wife are not twins that they would have similar likes and expectations but sometimes two people are just like opposite poles. Sometimes they feel they are not meant to be together. Well divorce is not the last resort, but yes, it can give you some air from the suffocation you had in the relationship.

7. Ego clashes among the couples

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Ego clashes can occur for a variety of reasons. Your wife earns more than you, workplace ego clash, looking down upon your partners abilities. Everyone should have his or her own space in a relationship, but it should not be that large that it would space your own relationship. Ego clashes might lead to physical or emotional abuse. Your ego can also restrict you from opening up to your partner. Ego clashes are the worst thing that happens in relations and can result in divorce.

8. Monotony in a marriage

Who likes their routine life? The compatible couples manage to live their lives in a way adjusting to each other and sometimes trying to spice up their relations, some find it difficult. Some get bored. Many people get afraid of the fact that, how can they spend their entire life sticking onto one person. In marriages if both sides need to take care of each other’s interests and needs. This can help rule out monotony, but some head for separation to find a new zing in life.

9. Sexual incompatibility

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Physical closeness binds a man and his wife in one thread. A physical bond helps to bring up a strong emotional bond. Lack of physical intimacies or dissatisfaction leads to frustrations and gradually separation and divorce.

10. Lack of love in a marriage

Love is the flame, which enlightens a relationship. Marriage may be a life long journey with a person, but the real meaning of marriage comes out if you are spending the rest of your life with the person you love. In fact, many people fall in love after marriage. It is difficult to define love, but it is easy to feel it. Some couples feel that there is no strings attached or no connect between them. This can really endanger a relationship.

Divorce is a tragic thing, but it is better to separate than live an unhappy life giving chances after chances to save your marriage.

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